My modest front room set up


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Hi everyone,

long time lurker here who has finally got to a place where they’re reasonably happy with their set up (well as happy as I can be lol). Think my next step is either going to be 2 speakers at the rear and move the fx to the sides, or drop the fx and fit 2 atmos as my amp is only 5.1.2

AV Set Up


Sony Bravia KD65XF9005BU


Monitor Audio Bronze 5 Front

Monitor Audio Bronze Centre

Monitor Audio Bronze Fx Rears


BK Gemini II

Blu Ray Player

Sony Bdp-s790

Network Streamer

Nvidia Shield Tv Pro 2019

Surround Amp

Denon AVR-X2500H

Satellite System

Sky Q

Nas Drive

Seagate Go Flex 1Tb

Seagate Personal Cloud 5Tb x 2

Speaker Cables

QED Xtc fronts and centre

QED Micro rears

HDMI Cables

Audio Quest Pearl Blu Ray to Amp

Audio Quest Pearl Amp to TV

Audio Quest Pearl Sky to Amp

QED performance Streamer to Amp

Sub Cable

QED reference Sub

Tv Unit

Venice range in walnut adapted to fit equipment

Tv Bracket

Rfiver Tv floor stand.
Thnks for looking



Very nice. If you bring the centre speaker so that it sits proud of the front edge of the cabinet by around 25mm then that will help get rid of some unwanted reflections off the cabinet top. A soft rug in front of the cabinet will also help.


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Thanks for the advice, I’ll give that a try. Have got a rug on the floor but it’s about a metre away so will try moving it closer


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Nice setup!


I'd be tempted to bring the front L & R further forward also. Can those FX's be mounted to the sides ?


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Hi dodge,

yes they can but swmbo would rather I keep them at the rear. I am allowed to lower them so maybe atmos and not 7.1 is the way to go in the future. Just trying to work on her to allow the LCR to be moved further forward 😃👍🏻


Explain to her that you've invested a lot of money and time getting to where you are now. And while it does sound great, to absolutely maximise what you've done so far and to plan ahead, the FX's should 'ideally' be at the sides. Doing this will maximise your Atmos plans, as I see your room anyway ;)


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Will mention it later (after a glass or two 😂)

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