My Micro SD wont work after modifying it


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Hi All,

My HP laptop has a micro sd card slot which is great fr extra storage. I popped in my 256gb micro sd card and all worked fine, but it stuck out 1mm. So i decided I could modify it by sanding down the edge to reduce is depth.
The process went well and I was able to get the sd card to sit flush, but it no longer works and is not recognised anywhere or by anything.

I really didnt expect that a small sanding down would cause this problem.

So does anyone know of any cards that can be sanded down a little so it will fit flush or am I wasting my time?

Thanks for looking, Carl


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You've probably open-circuited a pcb track sandwiched inside the card.


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A Micro SD card has to pack in a whole lot of circuitry to work. If it could have been 1mm smaller, they would have made it so!

There aren't lots of internal pictures for different micro sd cards so it's impossible to know what the impact of sanding 1mm off each will have until you try.

Either you'll need to get over it, or start spending a lot of money and time breaking micro sd cards in the hope one might finally work.

Probably cheaper and easier to get a new laptop. I have a Surface Pro and the Micro SD slots in at the back, under the fold out stand. It's pretty much invisible and I never see it.

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