My metroid prime has arrived...



I took delivery of Metroid Prime yesterday. And rocky...

I used a new company called buy rite

The games cost $43.99 each and the shipping was £29.99
Which works out at £37 a game. Not as cheap as dvdboxoffice but atleast i have the games early.


Metroid Prime is amazing. I think some will be dissappointed by the pacing. It is not an action game but an exploring, puzzle and then shooter. But wow the graphics and the atmosphere. The closest experience i have had to it is watching ALIEN / ALIENS waiting for the monsters to appear. tenssion.

Rocky by the way is a LOT Of fun. The single player is quite easy. In 5 hours I have got up to rovky iv but DRAGO keeps kicking my ass. Mylti player is a blast. I would recommend this and MORTAL KOMBAT deadly alliance as the best two beat em ups on the cube.

Big Jim

My dvd Box Office one arrived today :D

Do I start it, or finish off Ico and GTA3, or go to the gym...


I;ve had a quick play through the first two levels. But I amnot going to start it until Ihave finished timeplitters 2 and eternal darkness.


My Metroid Prime also arrived this morning form DVDBoxoffice. Very classy game so far since everything just reeks quality. You might need some time to get used to the controls though because I'm sure most will try to play Metroid Prime like a First Person Shooter. Anyone that knows the Metroid series will know its far from the truth.

As for its slow pacing.. Metroid has always been like that since it has never been an action series. For those who want a bit of that try Serious Sam. Plus (unless you are quite far) the introduction is always a little slow so one can get used to the controls.

The graphics in progressive scan are gorgeous... Even though its a forced 16:9 you can just about get away with it. Its also nice that you can adjust the width of the screen as well as the x and y axis within the game. You can also adjust the brightness, HUD lag (animations), opacity of the HUD etc etc. Its a shame that there is no widescreen option though.

For fans of the series the game should bring a stupidly wide smile to your face. Once the classic theme blasts out in Pro Logic II, you know that you are playing Metroid and from the inital scene it'll just bring back plenty of good memories. Tension is done extremely well as it atmosphere since you really do feel like you are on an alien world. With no loading times in between sections and menus you are kept immersed within the game.

Scanning also plays a decent role in the game since you need to scan switches to activate elevators and platforms. Also you will add any monsters/items to the log book once scanned and it adds to your overall completion percentage.

I won't spoil anything about the levels though other than they are very detailed and everything in the world seems organic and smooth. Talking about smooth the framerate was rock solid during my time with the game but I did notice a small bit of frame skipping when I attempted to push the 3D engine.

The game is all about detail though and the more you explore, the more you are rewarded so it really is a Metroid game. The controls are pre-mapped so you cannot customise anything and really after 20 mins or so it feels perfect. The auto lock in this respect helps you out a lot since there isn't any dual control for aiming and strafeing and its done very well. You can of course still circle strafe while keeping L held down but you will need other tactics to defeat enemies. Changing weapons via the C-Stick and Visors via the D-pad feels simple and natural which is needed in a heated battle.

The 3D map is also worthy of a mention since once you get used to the zooming and changes in location/axis via the C-Stick it proves to be very intuitive to manipulate.

Overall everything thus far has a true amount of polish, from the controls, graphics, audio and gameplay. Fans of Metroid should now rest easy since from my initial impressions I beleive its worthy of the Metroid title and as a First Person Adventure in its own right. Those who will try to play this as a FPS or think its a poor mans version of it have lost the whole idea behind Metroid Prime IMO and should try to play games with an open mind more often.

So far so good and I can't wait to play on this game more after work and I really don't want to rush through this game just yet. Two thumbs up from me on this one. ^_^


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is it really worth getting a console FPS if you own a very capable high end pc ?? i was very content with my console shooters untill i got the i just find them a nightmare to control an usually very slow glad that metroid is everything you was expecting aswell.while i know your online an on this thread neo how is the zd26 tv goin mate last time you helped me out with mine you was haviong probs with the pro scan??.also now i own a ps2 an a cube i have found with the arrival of gta vice city i aint even touched the cube is there any must have games out for the cube in the future otherwise i feel this will be swapped for an xbox :rolleyes:


Hi Silverback. Well Metroid isn't a FPS but if you like the genre then its best to stick with the PC IMO. FPS can work on consoles as Timesplitters II and Unreal Championship illustrates but I still like the keyboard and mouse combo over the dual sticks.

As for the TV everything is fine in progressive scan bar that pulsating effect on the top right >_< I can't be arsed to ask for a swpa so close to Xmas because I have enough on my plate for now.

GTA: VC is a decent game alright but to trade in the Gamecube because of one game? Its a bit harsh if you ask me. For example I own a NES, GB, MD, SNES, Sat, PSX, N64, DC, PS2, Gamecube and Xbox and if I play on one format more than the other because of one game I'm not going to sell or trade off my other consoles because of it.

Again it really does depend on what genres of videogames you like the most if you are going to choose between consoles. Once you have established that then you can decide on a console. For me the Xbox has the least amount of play while the GC and PS2 are almost consistently on because for me owning both of these consoles gives me the perfect balance in genres that I want to play. The Xbox is there ready to be modified really more than anything else because IMO the genres that are popular on the Xbox (FPS, racers etc) can be found on the PC, PS2 or Gamecube already.

As for Must have games... I'm sure Nintendo are cooking up Mario Kart for a 2003 release and I hope its online as well. Zelda is coming out as well as Metroid (PAL).

Out of the current three consoles the PS2 for me has the best up and coming list of games with Suikoden III, Wild Arms III, Devil May Cry 2, Star Ocean III, FFX-2 etc. Those games cater my needs as a gamer and so I am content. What games will make you content is a question you have to answer yourself.


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I tried Metroid last night for the first time (been playing Splinter Cell all weekend) and have to say I really hate the controls.

I'm too used to having dual analogue control for first person perspective games and the Metroid controls feel clunky by comparison. I only played for about an hour just to see what it was like, and my first impressions of the game were good but those controls are going to take some serious work to get the hang of...


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"The graphics in progressive scan are gorgeous... Even though its a forced 16:9 you can just about get away with it."

Well if you have the money and don't mind a trip to Germany or Sweden you will not have to put up with 16:9 in progressive. As it turns out Panasonic has made and is selling a 29" 4:3 PAL/NTSC progressive enabled television in Germany and Sweden.

The name of the beauty is the Panasonic TX-29PS20 and has a retail price of only 1.099 EUR. You can read about it here:


Well my copy arrived Monday and I wasn't expecting much as I've never played the previous Metroids but needless to say the game is outstanding.

I love the little touches most of all - the visor effects are great, it gets splashed with water, steams up and gets bug guts splattered all over it. You also get electrical interference if you get too close to these electrical drone things.

Then there's the reflection of Samus' face on the inside of visor which threw me a bit when I first saw it. Also if you power up a beam weapon it creates a bullet time/blur effect as it flies towards its target.

Can't fault the game at all, the controls are no problem and they'll be second nature to you after a few hours. I just got the Wave Beam and it's one gorgeous weapon.


day 2:
ok i know i said i wouldnt play anymore until i finished timesplitters and eternal darkness but... i did

just to let you know that the pacing really does pick up the further you go into the game. i love the morph ball when you have to go through all the sloping tunnels....

worth having gamecube for in its own right.

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