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My Media Den (Work in progress)


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Hi All, just purchased a new house and am building Media Den. Its a really big house so will take some time to reach where i want it to be, but here is my work in progress:

trying to find a way to post pics...

to be continued...
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So covered so far are my Media Den (main), Living Room (42" wall mounted HDTV+SkyHD+Sling Catcher and Master Bedroom (15" wall mounted HDTV)

Currently in the Den i have:

MAin Unit:
52" Samsung Plasma 1080p
Sky HD
Samsung cinema 5.1 surround
XtremeHD HDMI switcher
Xbox360 flashed to 1.5
PS3 with Linux custom install
HP Media Centre PC

22" Acer monitor
main PC with 3TB storage, intel core 2 duo 2.8, 2x8800GTXSLI
Samsung Soul,
5.1 Surround PC speakers,
Yuraku Digital Photo frame

Seating is 3 seater recliner
24 slot drinks fridge (translation BEER FRIDGE)
Logitek Harmony One
O2 Broadband Pro (20Meg)

Basically thats a weeks work so far....i intend to upgrade some equipment, install Apple TV (new one when released this summer), Wire all cables behind walls.
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the chair was from PC world and the pc desk was from ikea, not sure if either of them are still stocked as the chair i got over a year ago and the desk 3 months ago.

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