My Marantz SR-7300 review

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Izzet, Dec 9, 2002.

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    Here's my review of the Marantz SR-7300 A/V Receiver.

    1) The looks: If you think that your A/V equipment should look good,
    noone does it better than Marantz. The receiver looks very smart. The
    fit and finish is perfect.
    Some might argue that it is very big, takes up too much space.
    They would have a point, but if you are not short on space, then
    you have nothing to worry about. The bigger, the better :)

    2) Features: This part is very easy. Apart from the largely unnecessary
    features like THX, this is a fully featured receiver. It has everything anyone
    would ask for and more. One nice addition is the new Circle Surround 2 mode
    which is not available on many other receivers. I will talk about this later on.

    3) The remote: OK, here's the only "negative" aspect of the receiver.
    When I saw it, I was shocked. A completely black remote, which is also
    hideous. Especially when you look at it with the receiver by its side,
    it certainly looks out of place. HOWEVER, it is a very functional remote.
    One huge plus for me was that it was very very easy to set it up to control
    other equipment. The learning functionality works extremely well. One more plus
    side, although very personal, is that it has a joystick to control up, down, left,
    right, OK. It the same as my Technics A-10 DVD player, and I prefer it the
    usual cursor type buttons.
    The remote also has macro capabilities with adjustable delays. It is a very nice
    feature indeed and works like a charm.
    One more thing, the remote doesn't have backlighting, and is a bit crowded.

    4) The sound: This is again a very personal issue. Many will like it, some will not.
    As for me, I love the way it sounds. It is very dynamic, much more than I expected.
    This is how I like my music. As for a comparion, I think it is better than Denon 3802.
    I think it is one of the very few receivers which can also be used to listen to
    For movies, the impact of its dynamic, lively sound is huge. It is so much fun watching
    movies using this receiver.
    The channel seperation left me in awe.
    I couldn't ask for much more.
    It can go very loud so no power issues here. I couldn't go above the -12 mark.

    5) Circle Surround 2: This is the format I preferred most among DPL2 and DTS Neo:6.
    Some might say otherwise but the sound was a bit louder and airy. I prefer this
    effect to the dry sounds of DPL2 and DTS Neo6.

    6) Variable X-over: This is something many of us wanted and we've got it.
    This model comes with adjustable crossovers with the choices: 80, 100, and 120.

    I firmly believe that the Marantz SR-7300 is the best sounding and best featured
    receiver in (and a bit above) its price range. I don't believe anyone buying this
    receiver will be disappointed (unless you get a faulty one).

    This is all I have to say about this receiver. I hope this will be of help to those
    of you who are considering to buy a receiver soon.

    Best regards,
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    Dec 5, 2002
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    Thanks for the information, I'm planning to get this recevier myself.

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