My loft home cinema


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the centre speaker is about 6ft 6" high but it is angle down but in the picture it looks straight thanks


Lovely looking room there.

I'd suggest putting the centre on a stand about where you have the Dolby sign, then you can angle it up slightly.

how small are you to be able to get through that door?!!


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Fanastic looking conversion you've done there, looks very proffesionally done. :smashin:

I take it the extra two standmount fronts use the Yamaha DSP front effect channels, if so how do you find them, is the sound stage any better than just with the normal front left and right?
They look very close in to the normal left and right and so I can't imagine it really expands the soundstage that much, also I thought the Yamaha front effects channels were meant to be up high?

Was the loft a room to begin with or was it a complete conversion from scratch, if you don't mind me asking, how much was the cost of the conversion roughly?

Ryan :thumbsup:


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The loft room was a play room which i just had a staircase which came from demoilision job wish i put in and double up joist and put the floor down that was done about 15 years ago but now the boys have flown the nest well until i done the room now they are all ways here to watch football and films
When i redone the room i put all the kingspan fibre board down on the floor to keep the sound in the building works to do the room cost around £2000. as for the door in to the room stands about 5ft8" high so i you have to lower your head down a bit when i got a bit more time next year i will put a bay windows in so i can then put a full size door and frame in.
The front speaker is build in to a pelmet which also hides the screen when it up i have try speaker down on the floor and found no differents in sound plus when it was lower on the floor it was sticking out 14" from the screen and could not build it in because that is the chimney wall. the sound from the system is great and more then happy with it and with the room .


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just saw this on a search and wow what a set up!

I want that when I grow up!... :smashin:



Excellent, looks really good. How do you find the rear speakers and the effects as i am trying to work out where to put mine once my cellar is tanked, and i think they may be in a similar position to yours.

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