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John 1987

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Looks good, nice DVD collection. :thumbsup:


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Thanks been building it up over about 8 years now.(if i remember correctly Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrells was my 1st) I know its not a proper home cinema but its a start. Me and my wife have had a chat about a 2 storey extension which will be a cinema room downstairs with a utility room at the back and a bedroom and ensuite upstairs. This aint due to start for about a year as we just got married and things are tight. Agreed on keeping the Tosh for normal tv watching with a drop down screen for films/sports etc.

Thats the plan anyway.

Any other thoughts/comments on my pics?


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Thanks craig, been checking yours out, much better than mine when i was 16, i had a 28" 4:3 Toshiba tv(which is in the bedroom now :eek: ! and a champagne coloured Pioneer dvd player, which only had scart or s-video, not even component!! Yours has tempted me big time to get a pj and a pull down screen now for films! Just wondering whether or not to get a HD one or get a stop gap for a couple of years!


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I plumped for the stop gap theory seeing as there is not that much HD material available, and you can get them dirt cheap at the minute, I bought my one off here (not 16 now obviously, wee bit older :D)

It's taken a while to get to this stage, if you look at my website in my sig link, you will see my original setup which wasn't quite as good as your original one!

I must say though, projectors are amazing pieces of equipment, best investment for anyone even remotely interested in movies :)


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Yeah just been on ebay now looking, so tempted, but not really sure what ones are worth looking at, best start checking the projector forums! Also would need a pull down screen as not sure if id like a permanent fixture!

Craig and John you both remind me off me a few years ago! Its great to see that young people are getting interested in this!

Might go and find my pics of my old set up, sure ive got some in the garage!


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I would look at getting a Sanyo Z1, or a Z2 if I was in your position.

Considering the Z1 is only SD, it will accept HD signals still and downscale them, the Xbox 360 looks amazing on it - it has to be said! Original Xbox in 480 mode looks amazing too.

You must get a projector!!


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Very nice


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New additions to the family

Sky Plus
Toshiba Ep30
Lots of DVD's



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very nice set-up mate :smashin: i'll hopefully be mortgaged upto the eyeballs by the end of the year, so my little set-up will do my for a few years now :cool:

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