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AV-Marantz 7703 Processor-8077 5 Channel Power Amp-7025 2 Channel Power Amp-OPPO 203 4K Blu Ray-Dali Fazon 5 Front Floor Standers-Opticon x1 Centre-Rubicon x2 Rear Surround-Kef Ci160QR x4 for in ceiling Atmos-LG55E7 Television-MA AW12 Subwoofer on Townshend Audio Seismic Isolation bars- Sky Q-Amazon Fire 4K.

Linn Majik DS for music.


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Don't suppose you have a photo of the kitchen from a better angle? (Hobs with side cupboards or wider angle) I have an appointment this week to finalise plans. The units, tiles and surface top ect look pretty bang on what im thinking :rotfl:

Looking fab :thumbsup:


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For info:
The walls were over boarded with acoustic plaster board, the walls on the fireplace side were covered in 20mm thick sound proofing, 20mm batons fixed on top, all gaps and joins filled with green glue, gaps between batons filled with soundproofing rockwool and then 15mm acoustic plasterboard on top.
Definitely reduced the reflections, a hand clap dies very quickly. The Dali panel also helps with the back wall.

It isn't possible to compare my previous setup due to it being Monitor Audio speakers and Pioneer amplification and this being Dali and Marantz.

Website for items I used - here

Panels in wall

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