My living room appears to be too big!!


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I'm looking to buy my first projector and sight it approx. 21ft away from the screen but am only looking to have a screen size of 106".

Is this possible?

The screen size calculators I've been looking at suggest that the maximum distance from pj to screen would need to be around 13ft. This wouldn't be a problem if I could ceiling mount the pj but unfortunately that's not an option.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Mark Pitchford

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The Sony HS20 is long throw, or the Sharp XV-Z200 has an even longer throw.

The Sim2's have a long throw as well but they're a bit more expensive.


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Are you looking at 106" wide or diagonal?

106" wide would give a throw ratio of just under 2.4:1 for the 21' throw distance.

If you could push the projector forward to a throw of 20' or just under you'd be covered by the Sharp XV-Z200e (£3,495 SRP) which has a throw of 1.95-2.36:1.

A correct datasheet on the Z200 can be found here, the original printed ones show an incorrect throw ratio.

(I have correct the data sheet).


Richard Wilson
Tech Support @ Marata Vision
(UK Sharp Distributors)

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