my little set up this is a warm up


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Sony Kdl 40w5500
sony str dg520
panasonic dmr -ez25
panasonic bd35
sky hd+
infocus lp600 pj
Yamaha ns150 fronts
sony ss-f6000p back
Yamaha ns-c80 centre

started av set up dec 2008 so this is my nearly finished set up need to sort out wiring,new sky hd box and new sony tv the z series



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Nice one mate. I have the same problem as you with wiring, I have an open backed AV unit so it makes hiding wires harder. I regret buying it now.

But anyways, cool setup!


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Loving those front speakers. :thumbsup:

Can I ask why the projector screen is in a different viewing direction than the TV? Just curious how you manage with a seating arrangement to watch both.


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the reason the tv and screen are different position is i have 100'' screen and it cold not fit were the tv is and next to the tv is the fire place:), also its to do with the viewing distance of pj to screen .my room is 12ft by 14ft.


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After reading that you have only been into AV for since December, I was expecting a bog standard 26"-32" HDTV and a creative surround sound set. But was a wrong, You have a really nice set up there!


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just need a way of hiding the cables that are at the back of the hi-fi rack,need help on what to get?i still want ti keep my rack.any ideas guys.:clap:


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just got the Sony 40w5500 tv and im loving it need to sort my cables


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