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No TV is perfect. - The same can be said if spending £500 or £5000.

Every time we get a`personal recommendation' or`what is the best' or`if I were you' type of the questions, can we remind members of the saying:`one man's meat is another's poison'. We need to construct a profile of your taste for pros, TV use and more importantly your intolerance for specific cons for you to make the right choice. or...you can take the plunge and find out later. Nonetheless even with all the recommendations in the world, make sure you can demo the TV before you buy it, ideally with your own content and in a dark demo room. You will never know completely if you like everything about a TV unless you demo it!

Please answer the following questions:
  • What are your sources going to be? For example:
Do you have fibre internet capable of UHD streaming?
Will you be buying and using an UHD Blu-Ray player?
Apple TV
Catch up TV?
HDR games consoles?
PC usage?
FHD Blu-Rays?
Sky, BT or Virgin? UHD or HD?
  • SD vs HD vs UHD use percentage? eg 20% 60% 20%
  • Movies, sport, console games, PC use in percentage? eg 20% 60% 20%
  • How close can you view the TV?
  • Do you need to view the TV from the side or only straight on?
  • What conditions do you view in? During the day? At night with lights on? In the dark?
  • What TV are you currently using and what are expecting to see upgrading to a new TV?
  • Motion - Are you interested in being able to use motion enhancements on your TV to reduce judder and/or reduce motion blur? Both frame interpolation and frame insertion let you do this, read more about it here. They both have their upsides and downsides, so read carefully.

Please rearrange the following PQ attributes, in descending importance:

SDR Brightness
SDR Colour Saturation
SDR Colour Accuracy
HDR Brightness
HDR Colour Accuracy
HDR Colour Saturation
Local dimming
How accurate the picture is out of the box (without having to change any settings)

Now for bugs, tell us your possible pet hates related to TVs, in descending order:

Motion Blur
Motion Judder
Motion stutter
Temporary image retention
Bad screen uniformity, Dirty Screen Effect, Clouding, Light Bleed, Blooming
Soap Opera Effect
3:2 Pulldown Judder with 24hz movies. See: Judder-Free 24p on TVs
Loss of detail in dark areas
Reflective screens
Colour banding. See: Gradients on TVs: Color bit depth (warning this is not the same as vertical banding, for vertical banding see bad screen uniformity)

Now which is most important to you?

Smart TV (which apps)?
Wide Viewing angles
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