My LG CX is coming tomorrow - first time OLED please help

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Hi, I got a Samsung Q9FN 65" QLED. Now I got a CX coming tomorrow to replace it. I have never seen an OLED in person before and I have never seen Dolby Vision content in person before either. Will there be any noticeable difference or brightness? It's in my bedroom, light is dim because I hate bright lights so the blinds always closed.

My other query is regarding picture quality. I want it to be as intended by the movie directors. I followed the calibration settings on website for the Q9FN. Should I follow the same with the CX guide they have on there? I want it calibrated for each video source i.e. SDR, HDR, Dolby Vision and also for Apple TV 4K 2021 and Xbox Series X and Playstation 4 Pro.

My other option I got available is paying for professional calibration - I have never done this before but this is my first move into OLED and I wanna make the most of it so can you tell me if it's better to get it calibrated professionally or not?

Thanks for your help and support.


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My calibrator found 3 incorrect settings I made on c9 + bluray (ive been into av for 30 years)

When I compared calibrated against correct settings grass looks more real.

Put 200 hours on tv before calibration.



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May I welcome you to a whole new experience called OLED.
I bought the C9 LG 55 inch about a year ago and never looked back.
All of my content is so much better than Samsung Quantum Dot I would say about 30% better.
People say Screen Burn in is problematic with OLED due to the TV Channel logo on for
Long periods of time but they advise to vary your content.
As well Hard Core Gamers that play for Hours at the time with the Same Static HUD will get Burn in.
I watch only Movies through my 4k Panasonic 820 Player it tweaks the HDR content as well as
Improve picture quality.
Out of the box experience with the LG is Eye Candy , you can set it on IFS Darkroom with
DOLBY VISION and DOLBY AUDIO enabled you are in for a Real Treat.
I Love my OLED with its inky blacks and the Colour's Really stand out , your CX model has
a CPU 15% and GPU 50% better than mine , the C9.
All DVD content very nice , Blu Ray content is Beautiful , 4k is to Die for.
Beware of some 4k Players as they Freeze in the middle of the Movie ?
Have fun cause All of your Movies will be New again it,s that Good


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I told you your in for a treat.
What size TV is it ?
Even my plain DVDs look good , it does 1 Billion Colour's but only puts out 740 nits.
Compared to standard 4k TV'S of 1000 nits on a 10 bit panel.
But the OLED does not need to be as Bright , as they are self Lit.
Absolutely Beautiful Picture the Best , any search on You Tube will confirm.
Until they bring out Inorganic OLEDs or some other Tech that don't cost a arm or leg
Right Now I think LG has it Covered with these models.
The Best TV I have Ever Owned by far ?
What Player do you have ?
My friend has three different LG a 55 inch OLED , a 75 inch LED and a 86 inch LED.
Plus a Samsung Quamtum Dot 55 inch all good TVs and he uses them all.

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