My LCD isn't heavy, is it? - mount questions




I have recently purchased a 27" LCD TV with vesa 100mm mounting points and want to mount it to the wall above my fire as many do. The wall is plasterboard with 20mm (ish) gap to cement blocks.

The TV weighs 19.8kgs out of the box. Reading the manual, the manufacturer recommends using a wall mount capable of holding 80kg! What? What's all that about? 80Kg - 4 times the weight of the TV?

Does anyone think that's a reasonable suggestion?

I have purchase one of the small (approx 200mm square), flush fitting (15mm from wall to back of TV) mounts capable of holding 30Kgs (1.5 times the weight of the TV)

And I was going to use 4 x 4.5" nylon hammer fixings and drill through the plasterboard into the cement blocks and fill the 20mm ish void between plasterboard and cement blocks with spray-expanding-filler-stuff.

Questions for anyone, please, any thoughts?

1. Is it reasonable to require a 80kg capable mount for this a 19.8kg TV?
2. Anyone know of any budget generic 100mm vesa universal mounts capable of holding 80kg? £59.95 is the best price I've found.
3. How does the fixings plan sound?

Sincerely appreciate any advice - lost in the wilderness am I!


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This sounds like madness to me!

I have a 26" LCD mounted on a £30 Vogel tilting wall mount which is rated for 30kg. The TV weighs 15 or so kg without the stand.

This is held onto a (solid brick) wall with 3 meaty screws and is very stable...

Have you contacted the manufaturer in person to clarify whether the 80kg is correct?


I haven't contacted the manufacturer. I have spoken to a friend who has done a few installations, and he told me it would be the "stress weight(?)" - the vertical weight on a stand would be the 18Kg but would be many times more when pulling on a wall mount.

Not sure how much of that makes sense.

Have decided to purchase a more meaty-er wall mount - he took a look at the one I had, said it'd probably be alright, but recommended getting a Vogel or similar mount that would hold a 32" or greater set - he set as long as it looked like a quality mount that this would be OK.

Any more thoughts, anyone?


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Generally it is the fixings (and method of fixing) that are important, and not so much the mounting bracket. I am not familiar with the mount you are using, but as long as there is nothing to drastically bend when the TV is fitted to it, then I can't see a problem with the 30 kg bracket.

Incidently, I find hammer fix screws to be crap and always tend to spin in the wall. I would use the type used to fix window frames - these are similar but have an expanding anchor which gives a much greater pull out resistance

richard plumb

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I can understand that a wallmounted set may provide more stress than its stated weight when table mounted. But surely if you're buying a wall mount bracket, the 'max weight' should take that into account?

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