my jvc 40" screen has 2 light grey horizontal lines across screen 1/2 an hour after turning on?


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hi,people i'm new to site.
my jvc 40" tv screen keeps getting 2 light grey horizontal lines 3" in width appearing on the screen,the only way they will go is when i turn off the tv with the remote and turn back on again ,and the screen is then clear?but an hour or so later these 2 light grey horizontal lines appear again?
they dont really stop me from watching tv but are very irritating,its been happening for about 4 days now.
can anyone help please,


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You don't say how old your set is or if it's in warranty but there's obviously something that breaks as it warms up.
Does it happen on every source?
if it only happens on an HDMI connected device unplug that device and see if the lines still appear.


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thanks for your reply jaycee,
yes its out of warranty,about 4 years old,i'm pretty sure its the tv because it happens when the sky Q box is on,and when the lines appear on that i tried my amazon stick which is in a different hdmi socket,but the grey lines are also on that!
but when its working ok on Q it works ok on amazon stick also,so it could well be it is the tv.

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