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My iphone cover supplier woes, steer clear of em


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Please indulge me www. easyishop. co. uk use it or any of their other websites at your peril!

I recently tried to purchase a cover for my iphone and I wanted to tell you all how that relatively simple process went.
On the 14th December after spending a couple of hours researching iphone covers I plumped for the Switcheasy Capsule Rebel For iPhone 3G Black googled suppliers and easyishopuk popped up at the top of the list all looked ok to me and so I placed the order.
And so I waited no email confirmation which I thought odd and so a couple of days later I checked my PayPal account to confirm I had actually placed the order (I’d been on the beer when I ordered :0).
I gave it a couple more days it was the Xmas period after all and decided to give them a ring on the Friday. Surprisingly after about 15 goes someone answered the phone. Told the chap I was chasing my order and he did a quick search and replied oh yes we have had a problem with the post and it will be dispatched tonight. That’s a coincidence I thought the day I ring up is the day the problem with postie is resolved and I get a promised delivery. Will I get in time for Christmas? Yes they said goodbye!
Opportunity to apologise lost number 1
Well you know I waited, received delivery of my iphone and despite handling with kid gloves dropped it on a trip to toys r us with the kids (bedlam) no major damage but god telling me I needed this cover!
Missed the post on the 23rd December and had a note telling me my parcel was available for pick up at the local sorting office. Well I don’t mind telling you I was more than excited (sad I know) I had so far resisted the urge to purchase a spare ;0) cover from the 02 shop (5 days of trying to keep the cellophane wrapper on that you get when its delivered is tough!).
First thing Xmas eve I was there at the front of the queue with my id. They spent the next 40 mins (honestly) trying to find my parcel. I was then told I had to go see a manager as it could have been nicked!! 30 mins later the manager came back and got me all excited again with my parcel in hand after they apologised off I went with a skip in my step to my car.
Well I just had to rip open that baby in me car to admire the package and wouldn’t you know it…yes you guessed it was the wrong bleeding cover. Some rubber pimple pile of **** that would make the iphone look like one of them things you take the hard skin off your feet with in the bath!
Not happy I rang the company they answered gave my details and the bloke asked me “what was it you ordered”.” Not what i received” I replied “check your system” “Oh yeah picking error, I will send an envelope and you can return and I will send out the new one” he said. “It was a Christmas present “I said. “Oh”he said “we will put it in post today”
Opportunity to apologise lost number 2
Well xmas came and went and on the 30th December I decided to email them again chasing up my cover they sent me a reply saying they did not know who I was and could I send them a copy of my original order which I did. They replied and confirmed that they had re-dispatched the order. 2 days later an envelope turned up from them again I got excited about nothing as in it was another envelope to return the wrongly delivered item! I returned it!
I emailed on the 5th to no avail and followed up on the 7th January with an ultimatum for my cover or a refund. Stating that I had been more than patient with their company.
This was their reply ………..
Dear Customer,

Thank you for your email, I can confirm our accounts team will action a refund for you today. This money will take 5-7 working days to go back onto your card. Please note if you paid by PayPal you will need to log into your PayPal account and withdraw the money. If you pay by credit/Debit card you will not need any further action, the money will simply be credited to your account.

Kind Regards
Customer Services
Micro Heaven ltd
Unit 2 Chapel Lane Works
Westcott Dorking
Surrey RH4 3PJ

Well its today and you know what still no refund and no chance of an apology!
If anyone is sad enough to read this sorry tale please heed my advice stay away from this company there customer service is shocking If I have helped one person to avoid the hassle I have had then the last 10 mins writing this dribble has been worth it :0)


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Still no refund via paypal, emails sent to the company. Gonna lodge an issue with Paypal and see if that helps.

Steer clear of this e retailer tell your friends!!

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