My iPhone 5 upgrade deal - How does it compare to yours?


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Nov 15, 2007
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Firstly, this isn't me boasting about the deal that I've been offered today from Vodafone. I think that it's a rather good deal, but wanted to double check what others have received recently in comparison?

The deal I've just accepted is:

Free iPhone 5 16GB (white)
Unlimited texts
Unlimited minutes
4GB data
£45.60 p/m
12 month contract.

Their standard price for this deal is £57 p/m with an upfront cost of £109 for the handset.

Personally I'm a little surprised at how reasonable the deal is, but I may be wrong? It works out at something like £1.50 p/m for my calls, texts and data, if you factor in the price of what the handset costs sim free.

Maybe it's because the next iPhone is due to be announced within the next few months?
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not a bad deal even better if your nhs police etc then you could get a furthur 20% of your line rental Vodafone Employee Advantage scheme

I don't think that Vodafone would discount it any more, as the deal already includes 20% off, with the iPhone being thrown in for free instead of £109 (as per their website).
£45 per month is more than I've ever paid, and the allowance is more than I'll use. But the opportunity to spread the cost of an iPhone over 12 months (interest free), and paying just £1.45 p/m for usage allowances, seemed too good an offer to turn down...especially since I've been toying with the idea of purchasing an iPhone 5 for a few months.

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