My humble bedroom setup!

hi guys i thought it was about time that i should put my setup on here, obviously i feel like my setup hardly compares to yours!

i joined in Decemeber 2008, to ask a question about dvd player region hack and thats when it all started.... i then i noticed a sale thread, and that when i noticed myself becoming addicted to this forum and reading up on audio equipment. i came across this thread and spotted Mr Mad H`s and The Forces, Avguy`s setups etc and thats when it inspired me to get my own! my missus thinks im crazy spending hard earned on electronics.

i started out with a 32 inch sharp lcd on a chest of draws now im finally getting somewhere in AV

now that im buying av stuff ive noticed i feel like im on the dole and awaiting the next payment for my next fix of av!

notice the blank space - well thats where my marantz cd player will go via digital coaxial to my amp, plus on the hunt for a decent standard DVD player as the denon is kaput.

Also, i know pine and wenge dont go but hey..... as Austin Powers say`s "i like to live dangerously baby, Yeah Baby very good!"

pics updated: 26/5/2009











Kit listing:

Amp: Yamaha RX- 459.
Tv: 42"
Consoles: xbox360 pro 60gig
DVD: Denon 1930
Speakers/sub: Eltax Evolution 5.2 speakers yes dual subs!

cables: QED QONTOUR ultra flat, custom hand made dual sub woofer cables, custom hand made component leads, monster coaxial lead connected to my marantz cd player that ive added just.
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Ambient Fish

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Nice set up Resi, I wouldn't worry too much about 1080P over 720P, spend your cash on the best 42in HD Ready (720P) set you can afford. I have a 720P set in my home cinema and 1080P in the bedroom and on HD sources (PS3 and Blu Ray) I really can't see the difference between 720 and 1080:thumbsup:


Seems like you've got the lot mate ! Top stuff !:thumbsup: And erm is that Chun Li I see sitting there ?
yup dammit ive been found out!! im a secret streetfighter fan, back in the day i used to tournament play street fighter and that chun was second prize :S

im glad after this week it should look like a proper setup as im getting a tv stand for the telly and the amp + dvd player and 360 wll be placed under there.. then i can make my room a slight bit more modern.

force you dont happen to have any cable tidy tips do you, have you seen the back of my amp? :D
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