My HTPC Setup + Advice Required


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My complete setup so far: -
Download PC (also acts as a media server for the rest of the house (I just play any media files directly over the network)
Main PC which is used for everyday use
HTPC (details below)
2 x Laptops (wireless connection)
Popcorn Media Hour A100 network media player
Belkin USB - RJ45 Hub

Silverstone LC16B-MR (caution with this case see below*)
Intel Q6600 C2Quad running @ 3Ghz
MSI P45 Zilent Mobo (inc. Zalman 9500 cooler)
Ati 3850 256mb ddr3 PCi-E (I need to replace this as it is too long for the case)
2gb (2x1gb) Black Dragon DDR2 (I am planning on adding 2 more 1gb sticks)
Tagan 480w PSU
160 gb hdd (temp hdd until I find the right one)
No dvd / bd / hd-dvd drive yet (until I replace the video card)
Windows Vista Ultimate 64

*Note: The case is very poor layout when it comes to a vga card and an optical drive, neither can be more than 7' long or they interfere with one another and won't fit.

I have just upgraded my media pc to the above, I still have a few other items to get when I save up some pennies.
Looking for advice on
1 - Ati graphics card no longer than 6' (hidef playback and quiet)
2 - Sata HDD (doesn't have to be massive, just very quiet)
3 - TV Card (2 x digi tuners and satalite)
4 - PSU (powerful enough and very quiet)
5 - DVD / BD / HD-DVD Rom
Is there anything else I need?

When I get a tv card I will use it to watch / record programs, I will record programs to the server hdd's and not internal hdd on media pc, so I will be able to view anywhere in the house.

Now I also need to know in basic english (just so I understand, as I'm no spring chicken) what software is recommended to work with vista ultimate 64 for playback of h264 files, iso's, divx / xvid, vobs, rars and any other files you can think of.

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