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My honest comparison between E365 and V500 models

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones Forum' started by PhilipVass, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. PhilipVass


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    This is my honest review here of both phones, my reason for trading up my E365 was that the software was so buggy, slow and texting was a nightmare and i also fancied a flip phone as i have never owned one.

    First thing's first, the E365 is no longer made, it had a short market life spanning from late last year up until today it's been around for less than a year but it's rubbish software is probably the reason for that.

    However i never fancied those problems when u got my V500 a few weeks back, menu speed is 3 - 4 times faster, much more respondent to commands, i can text with ease, speed and stability and is much more of a joy to use.

    The phone acutely has java support downloads which the E365 did not have, this is good but i have only downloaded 1 game so far as i refuse to use the data cable for it, as i mentioned throughout the forum, the drivers for the USB cable corrupted my modem files and caused an error in Windows.

    The wap browser on the V500 is top class, you can store pages, view history, view web sessions, short cuts menu without entering the browser window i was really impressed with this feature, WAP is also very speedy, images load fast and over all is very good, you get a fancy download box when you download a java tool or ringtone, very good idea, makes it feel like i am using a PDA on Windows.

    I found it confusing, i was use to closing the camera flap on the E365 after i used the camera, i never had to do this with the V500, the V500 has a 4x zoom and brightness enhancer which the E365 lacked, the V500 takes slightly better pictures, if you moved the E365 will taking a photo it would often blur or would leave strange bluelines running down the picture.

    The E365 had a huge speaker mounted on the back of it, it supported SMAF ringtones aswell as midi, they were extremely loud, one if the best i have seen, i can not fault the ringtones, they really were phenomenal and the quality of sound managed to beat most Nokia's i have seen with MMF tones and even mono ones, the V500 ringtones are sadly not as loud and does not support SMAF, but as a plus supports MP3 tones.

    When calling on the E365 their was always a 2 or 3 second delay before it connected me, this annoyed me the V500 does not suffer from this problem.

    Now if i compare the screen quality then i must say the images on the V500 are much sharper, more crisp, especially looking at the wallpapers and menus, much nicer.

    I had no problems with the E365 data cable or software, was absolutely great.

    Both these phone are easily damaged, i have already scrapped my V500 and when i sold my E365, it had numerous marks, and scars on it from regular use.

    The organiser on the E365 is poor compared to the V500, the V500 is much more advanced and also has much more memory to play with.

    Offcourse comparing this model with the V series may not lead to an accurate good review but as they were released within the same period and i owned both i have decided to make this comparison review.

    I wont say which is best to buy, one is a flip, one is a candy bar shape, both very different phones, feature wise the V500 is much better, i shall end this review with advantages and disadvantages to come to a balanced conclusion here, i shall let you decide, after all you are the consumer.

    E365 Advanges:
    - Loud speaker for ringtones, absolutely a brilliant feature on this phone.
    - TFT technology used in screen, 65K display, images look good but V500 is better quality.
    - 5 pre-installed games which are very good, sadly you can't download any.
    - Camera quality is good.

    E365 disadvanges:
    - Texting is slow.
    - The software is poorly designed, slow and buggy.
    - Orgoniser could have been better, lacks downloadable JAVA games.
    - You get the title bar and soft keys on every menu, you can't change this.
    - Cover easily damaged.

    V500 Advanges:
    - Supports Bluetooth wireless technology.
    - Software is well designed, stable and fast.
    - Camera quality is excellent despite the fact you can't use fancy effects like some other camera phones offer, the V500 has a 4x digital zoom onboard.
    - MP3 ringtone support, also Instant Messaging support.
    - The phone has an external screen aswell as internal.
    - WAP browser is excellent, and fast.
    - Organiser is good.
    - JAVA support, can download many new applications and games.
    - 5M Memory, plenty of space for new games and applications.

    V500 disadvanges:
    - Ringtones are simply not loud enough.
    - Cover is again easily damaged.
    - USB cable is a no go, however supports bluetooth as an alternative.
    - In the phone book if you asign a contact with an email it will create a new slot with the seperate email and name, E365 did not have this problem.
    - Motomixer is a dissapointment.

    I hope my comparrison review will help somebody, feel free to argue with me or comment on my review. :)

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