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my home cinema custom build



hello everyone.this is my custom build.hope you like it.any opinions critics are welcome.hope you like it.
1.panasonic 65vt30
2.kef ci9000(5) custom grills
3.rell r328(with custom grill)
4.isotek 6 way orion
5.van den hull monster power cable from main electrical board with own rcd
6.qed mains (4)
7.isoteek main for orion
8.qed silver anniversary speaker cable(fronts bi-wire)
9.van den hull the sub (for rell)
10.van den hull hdmi the flat(4)
11.qed optical vable
i think thats all.still waiting for banana plugs,for pioneer sc lx85,lx 55 blu ray.and media player havent decide yet and maybe a playstation.thats all:)


  • 6 way isotek orion.jpg
    6 way isotek orion.jpg
    69.6 KB · Views: 548
  • amp cables..jpg
    amp cables..jpg
    146.1 KB · Views: 467
  • back surround.jpg
    back surround.jpg
    90.1 KB · Views: 497
  • blu ray&satellite.jpg
    blu ray&satellite.jpg
    147.8 KB · Views: 458
  • kef ci 9000.jpg
    kef ci 9000.jpg
    103.9 KB · Views: 692
  • mains&conditioner.jpg
    114.6 KB · Views: 506
  • monster cable.jpg
    monster cable.jpg
    96.4 KB · Views: 491
  • my home theatre stage 2 001.jpg
    my home theatre stage 2 001.jpg
    108.8 KB · Views: 783
  • my home theatre stage 2 002.jpg
    my home theatre stage 2 002.jpg
    113.9 KB · Views: 6,434
  • rell r328.jpg
    rell r328.jpg
    106.5 KB · Views: 505
  • rell r328 custom net.jpg
    rell r328 custom net.jpg
    108.6 KB · Views: 485
  • side view of tv.jpg
    side view of tv.jpg
    129.8 KB · Views: 537
  • van den hull monster cable.jpg
    van den hull monster cable.jpg
    123.3 KB · Views: 513


Established Member
Sorry missed the last sentence as was drawn to pics ;)

SC-LX -series are nice amps - I'm sure it'll sound great :) Only thing that would worry my slightly is rattles from the cupboar doors due to sub, but easily solved with some neoprene pads or similar!

All the bast,


that was my worry 2,but i believe that with this sub which the driver is at the front it will be ok.i also left more space inside.its not fixed.i dont know.when the amp arrives i will see


Established Member
Stick a small flat header screwdriver in there and lever out, or (preferred method) get a small self tapping screw and wind it in a little by hand.


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