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My home cimema final specification


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Is it me or is there no actual "home cinema" forum on this board?

Seems to be lots of specific forums, construction or remote controls or speakers or whatever, but not one to just discuss home cinema in a broad sense.

Anyway, apologies if I've missed it and grateful if a mod can move this if so, but in the absence of such a thing I guess this forum will have to do, although it appears to be more about specific construction.

So anyway, after a great deal of agonising and review reading and questions on this forum and other research, I have finally today bought the final pieces of equipment to complete the system, the AV amp and speakers and cable.

So, the final tally is this, interested to see what people think?

Panasonic TH-46PZ81B
Playstation 3 games console/Blu-ray player
Denon AVR1909 amp
Warfedale Diamond 9 surround sound speaker package
QED Silver Micro speaker cable
Harmony 1000 remote

I can't believe how long it took to research and buy that lot, but there it is.

Got the amp and speakers still to install (should be here Friday), fingers crossed that it sounds as good as it seems to have ended up costing! :D


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Hi Mikey,

Just added it up for you and slightly wish I hadn't! :D

It runs out like this:

Panny TV - £1,300
PS3 - £300
Denon amp - £370
Warfedale spkrs - £370
Harmony 1000 - £170
Cables/brackets £350
Speaker cable - £100

Add in an extra PS3 controller and you're at almost exactly £3,000-00 :eek:

The interesting thing is that this seems a pretty budget set up compared to what many people on here are running, seen a few conversations regarding amps or speaker sets well into four figures!

I'm pleased with what I've achieved though, and I think I've built something that I can justifiably consider to be a quality home cinema package for not mad money.

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