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    It has been interesting reading previous messages about the poor reliability of mag reviews. I bought a seperates system a few years back on the stength of a What HiFi review. My system consists of Yamaha CDX-493 CD player, NAD C320 Amplifier and Acoustic Energy Aegis One speakers. The system is still serving me well but I fancy an upgrade. Can anyone recommend an upgrade for it? Do you think it was a mistake buying this system on the strength of the review or was the mag right in this case?

    I almost bought the Sony DAV-S800, but thanks to this forum I have decided to research my purchase more thoroughly and look into a quality seperate system, thanks everyone for warning me :)

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    You are the best one to say whether What Hifi got it right as you have lived with the system for some years.

    All mags will tell you that hifi, especially speakers is subjective and what some will like others will hate.

    The idea of the reviews is to give you an idea of what to short list for audition.

    Having said that, I have just bought Mission M7DS rear speakers without audition and hopefully when I get home from work today the new DVD player that I have bought without even seeing will have been delivered.

    I find that some of the comments in this forum are very useful as they come from people who have lived with items of equipment for some time.


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