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A potentially great thread so here’s mine..

School Days - Parents "Music Centres" - Smoked Glass fronted :rotfl:
Late Teens early 20's - Car Radio Cassette (Sharp with APSS and Blaupunkt speakers) and Panasonic Portable CD Player
1st Hifi 94/95. Mate a big "Audiophile" advised - Arcam Alpha CD and Amp with his Royd A5 Speakers.
03/04 -Denon UDM30 and Mission M71 Speakers. Arcam stored due to young children.
06 - Gifted Arcam to music loving pal (RIP mate) speakers back to mate - working overseas
06-16 - Laptop, Sonos etc.
17 - Keen to listen to my vinyl & streaming - Yamaha RN602, Nad (RP1) TT, QA Acoustic Speakers.
Present System below - Will upgrade TT to RP3 this year, poss new speakers to a higher level European manufactured bookshelf. Then maybe it’s the end of upgraditus 🤣
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My journey started probably in the mid to late 60's, as a small child, I always remember hearing music in the home (mother being a hippy) so music was a massive part of my childhood. I got my first piece of equipment Christmas 72 aged 10, a Fidelity record deck in white together with a few singles of the year, some LP records to play in my bedroom.
That was the beginning of audio nirvana and have spent the rest of my life listening to music daily, got to see my first live gigs from the age of 14.
Equipment wise I had a few music centres until I started work, then got my first separates system, an Akai deck, Sansui amp and Goodman speakers.
That lasted maybe 6 months, then upgraded to a Dual 505/2 deck, Ortofon OM cartridge, NAD 3120 amp, Kef Calinda speakers.
Finally after the next system of an AR legend deck(beautiful record deck) Goldring 1040 cartridge, HK pre amp + Leak TL10 monoblocks and Heybrook HB1 speakers.
I managed to purchase a Linn Sondek, Ittok arm + AT moving coil cartridge, Magnum pre and power amps, and a pair of Kef ref 104 speakers. Audio bliss, my god my records sounded so good, that was until 92.
Then came the silly mistake of listening to the hype of digital is so much better, records are finished nonsense via the hifi magazines. I think the nail in the coffin was when I was informed they could no longer supply pure vinyl records, all records would be manufactured using recycled vinyl, that was it..... I sold all my records to a collector (3000+ albums) 1000 or so singles too.
Then sold off my Linn front end - what a stupid mistake that was. Then went out and purchased a top range Pioneer CD player plus a few hundred CD's.

Move on nearly 30 years, lots of house moves, still listening to music daily and finally have a dedicated music room........But always regretted selling the records and the Linn, I made the decision to back to records.
I also loved those MBL speakers I heard over 10 years ago, but well out of reach financially, and far to big for my listening room. But I heard Wolfgang Meletzky of MBL designed a more affordable pair speakers (MCT 21) and tracked down a pair to listen too.

So my current current line up is
Linn Sondek Hercules 2 power supply + lots cartridges, MM and MC, iFi Zen phono amp ( this is so cheap it's a bargain of the century)
Marantz 6006 CD player.
Willsenton R8 tube amp lots of tube rolling,
Music Culture Technology RL21 speakers on their dedicated stands.
I think I might now be in music heaven...

And I am now buying back all my vinyl records......££££
Lesson learned the hard way.
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@musicphil - Had a much smaller record collection one of those vinyl covered boxes from woolworths with my "main" records in and a cardboard box of similar size. The latter ended up at the tip during a house move. It had the more interesting and valuable stuff in and still bugs me.

Re the IFI Zen. I've poor music room wifi, noted Yamaha WXAD10's selling for more than I paid, sold mine on eBay sameday - and bought an IFI Zen Blue reduced on Amazon. Very impressive sound and build, tempted to their Phono for comparison with my Rega Fono, can always return it.


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Mines simple.

KEF LS50WII and avoided the journey 😄

I did start with a set of KEF LSX for my Gaming PC first 2 years before.

Spent a fair bit on portable audio though, starting in my teen's with a Sony Walkman CD player.


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@psikey - You’ve the right idea. Since writing above I’ve considered numerous Project TT’s as options to the RP3, 3 Amps and a couple of CD’s 🤦🏻🤦🏻

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My hi-fi journey started in the 1970's when I bought a Garrard 401 record deck and SME 12" arm.

They cost a fortune then (around £30 I believe) and are now going on eBay for over £1,000 today.

Guess who threw them in the skip in 1995 when I converted to CD's! :facepalm::suicide:

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