My heads spinning - please rate these and make me feel sane againe..


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Okay okay... so i read up on something, think i've found the answer, then I read up on something else and it totally contradicts everything that's gone before it!

So, could people please place the following in their order of preference (or just state their top one if that's easier).

Panasonic TX-32LXD52
Samsung LE32R41BDX
Hitachi 32LD7200
Sharp LC-32GA6E

Just one thing - i will initally just be looking at using my existing SKY (standrad SKY, not SKY+ box, although I may upgrade), Gamecube and basic DVD player through it. When SKY HD comes out I will defo be upgrading, and in the meantime will be looking at upgrading my DVD player to one that supports HDMI connectivity. I will then be looking at buying on of the next-gen games consoles (although knowing me this may end up in a long wait for Nintendo's next console - but lets not debate consoles...)

Any input greatly appreciated :)


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Toshiba 32wlt58 ? :D


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Hitachi 32LD7200


Cannot understand your problem.

Matsush*ta Electrical Industry Co. Ltd

Absolutely, at the top of their game.

Buy a "Technics", or in this application, a "Panasonic" LCD TV.

Costco sell the tx32LXD52 for about £900 plus VAT. Bargain.

Which bit did you not understand, please?

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