my heads in bits

:mad: well i just dont know if im coming or going,many of you will remember that i found watching my px70 a bit of a pain thanks too reflections but ive noticed a few other niggles ie green smear,blur,now ive been onto richersounds and it looks like i can swap if i want for a differant tv,this is where my head is in bits :suicide: as far as i see i have to options-
a)change back to lcd and have no reflections but the problems lcd bring at 42"
b)keep the panny and try and ignore the few niggles i have in favour of a better picture.

:rolleyes: i have till tomorrow to decide


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PH9 doesn't have a different screen to the PX70, so reflections are still likely to be an issue, unless I'm wrong.
The only other potential option is to hand back the 70 and wait for a couple more weeks for the 700 to appear.
More money, but with the anti-reflective coating - could be just what the doctor ordered.
I know this will likely leave you TVless, but it's that or settle for LCD, which you don't really want to do, by the sounds of it.
Alternatively, but a small LCD TV each week and return under 7 day distance selling. Not exactly the most moral of things to do, is an option if your conscious will let you.


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Isn't there anything else he could go for plasma-wise at this present moment in time :confused: I guess there are some other screens with anti-reflective coatings.....

Reflections may be an issue, but when we had our 42" LCD a few months back I had to reposition it in the end because the LCD panel was 'reflecting' light coming from the window so there was a light/brighter patch on the screen which made it unwatchable (unless you played musical chairs !) until evening came :rolleyes:

Anyway, you might go back to LCD and then get a screen with patchy backlighting :rolleyes:


I personally didnt notice a massive reflection problem with the px70 when i saw it instore, well nomore than any other screen beside it. and that was in the front of the shop with sun almost full on and lights above and to the side.. Has anyone thought that the px70 is "more reflective" than the px60 because the frame has gone from silver to black hence the frame showing up more??? Just a thought..
Also from previous experiences for anti glare panels what you gain from anti glare you lose through colour and picture clarity.. something else to take into consideration:)


lights off curtains shut stick with the panny and stop looking for faults sit back and enjoy
after playing fight night 3 on ps3 tonight ive decided to change tvs the green trails during this game just spoil it for me :( this is the first game ive noticed it on and after spending over 400 notes on a console i want it to look its best,this is a shame for me as the hidef picture and sd picture via my vm+ box are awesome in a darkened room,so it looks like im going back to lcd and when i save up a bit more money ill get the px70/700 wallmounted above my lcd so ican have the best of both worlds:smashin:


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Why don't you take your PS3 to a dealer with a Pioneer and have a look at it.
I take it this was over HDMI you had the trails?
Maybe you need to try it on another Panny and see if the same thing exists - you might be unfortunate and have got one which is susceptible to whatever gives rise to the trails from 360/PS3's.
Surely it's worth that bit of extra bothering before throwing the towel in?

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