My Head Hurts... Help? Yes... another which plasma


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Ok, I have been trolling through here for weeks trying to decide if I can justify a plasma, if it will be reasonably future proof, and which size I should go for.

I have decided that for our size of room, it will have to be a minimum of 37", maximum of 42".

I was in Currys yesturday looking at sizes, and they had a PC running HDTV hooked upto a Pana.... MY GOD!!! It was amazing, so I figure I MUST get HDTV compatible.

Progressive scan seems to be a must have.

Im not to bothered about in-built tunner as we use a pace freeview recorder with hard disk, DVD and probably Sky in the near future.

I would like DVI inputs etc.

Now for the cash side of things..... whats a realistic price to pay for all of the above? Richer Sounds seem to have some good deals, but not HD ready of DVI inputs. Could I get something for around the £1,200 mark?

Id really like to buy something which has some solid reviews, although that doesnt mean Im only interested in big brand names... just something which is tried n tested.

Thanks in my eager antisiption for ANY advice!



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Pioneer 435's, Panasonic 500's, Hitatchi 7XXX

All fit the bill but get a proper demo not a Currys special!!

Take a disc of your choosing, ie: sport, cartoon, freeview etc and see fpor yourself which you prefer.


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Don't suppose you have any links with decent prices for these?



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Google, pricerunner and kelkoo are good starting pts as the prices change daily.

AV Sales and Direct Digital are worth a look as well

Be careful to compare the apples vs apples as alot of the stores have combi offers including "free" DVD recorders and pedastals etc
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