My HD box seems to have died


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Got home this evening and decided to switch the box off as its only been recording one channel since the weekend.

Anyway turned it of at the plug for 5 mintues, turned it back on and it wont reboot. Have been trying for an hour now and the red stand by light changes from red to green but nothing else, no fan noise or anything.

Is there anything I can do or is it curtains for my second HD box?



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It might just be worth leaving it powered off for longer, say half an hour. But it sounds like it's a gonner. Probably the dreaded power supply thing, or in this case maybe even hard drive failure. I take it it's not still under warranty?


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Yeah i think it's out of warranty now.

I tried pressing the back up and stand by buttons together for a few seconds to force the reboot. It seems to stir the harddrive for 10 seconds but then goes quiet.

Just waiting on the phone at the mo to get through to sky HD dept.

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