My HD box appears to be dead!

Discussion in 'Satellite TV, Sky TV & FreeSat' started by sunbedted, May 1, 2007.

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    In the past few weeks my tv viewing has been interrupted by some sort of digital garbling of both the picture and the sound. Recordings are interupted due to it and numerous times it has also caused my box to reset itself. I've been unsure of the reason for this and suspected a possible degradation of the signal as it was usually on channels which appear to have the worst picture quality (e.g. itv, e4). On the signal test screen I have never had any signal quality and only about 50% signal strength (or vice versa). But as i could watch channels normally I just put this to the back of my mind. However after the latest loss of signal tonight my box has reset 3 times and i have reset it a further 3 times. Now my box refuses to give me anything other than a plain blue screen upon power up!

    The signal degradation was the worst it has ever been tonight with the messages of "technical fault - try again later", "no satellite signal is being received" and also "viewing card error" popping up on screen whilst i attempted to watch the football on SS HD1, i actually got to see about 12 mins in total of the game in HD and another 5 in SD. Tonight in manchester the wind is fairly strong and upon looking at the signal strength it is hovering at around 20% on both inputs disappearing to nothing about a third of the time.

    Has my box died or is it possible the wind/other bad weather has disrupted the communal dish in my apartment block? Also would the loss of signal cause the system to just display a blue screen?

    Many thanks for any help, i'm at a total loss here!!

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