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    I built my PC before setting eyes on these forums.
    I went about things a bit differently.
    I don't have the luxury of being able to afford a dedicated HCPC so I had to make the most of what I've got.
    My Mobo is a
    MSI K7N420D With the mobo now retailing at around £100 it is a cheap option surely, it also has a 5:1 sound encoder on board too.
    Luckily the TVout daughter card is only around £15 from dabs and the like So I got one
    I've been very happy with the results admittedly I'd be no where with out TVTOOL (nice bit of kit).
    I used to convert my AVI movies to SVCD to play on my Wharfedale M5 and I must say the results are impressive.The quality is better than SVCD.
    All this for £15.
    But I did splash out on a Video sender so I haven't got to run any cables the lengh of my room.
    I admit to have never owned a Radeon graphic card before they do sound good but if you just happen to have a K7N420 motherboard there is certainly NOT a cheaper way to get yourself hooked up.:D :D :D

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