My Haier 30" LCD TV going back to ebuyer, what now?



Hey guys,

I have had my haier 30" LCD TV for less than 3weeks and the picture has gone totally haywire and just flickers and jumps and ghosts randomly after switchin on, I am in the process of getting photos to send to ebuyer with the tv. I will be getting a refund on it for £600, so what do you reccomend i get now? I have been looking at the video 7 LTV30C however i have read someone saying people look strange on it due to its 15:9 ratio, i just thought that this was due to rectangular pixels instead of square ones.....

So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Also how does go about posting a tv back to ebuyer?? Thanks for your help :mad:


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Good luck with ebuyer, my experience with a faulty monitor went along the lines of.

Return monitor to ebuyer
ebuyer engineer (read MUPPET!!!) could not reproduce error (try truning the f'ing thing on then).
montior returned to customer (myself), they also charged me for this as they did not find the fault.
it's still faulty (what a suprise)
Contact ebuyer through the totally useless enotes system to get the response that their engineer has tested it and it is working, if I have any further problems contact the manufacturer.
At this point I try and get my money back, it would have been easier to get a tax rebate.
Eventually send the monitor back to the manufacturer who found the fault and fixed the monitor.

I will never use the company again.

I hope this has not put you off but good luck.



Any chance of an update on how you got on with ebuyer? I bought the same Haier telly off them a couple of months ago and mine too has started to play up. The problem sounds similar to yours but is really inconsistent. Sometimes it works fine for days but on other occasions after about 10 minutes of use the picture breaks up and sends crazy green horizontal lines up the screen. Whilst I wish it would just go away so I don't have to face the stress of ebuyers returns policy I think it is going to have to go back. - did you end up getting a refund and did you have to send yours back to them or did they collect it? any info appreciated


Hi there,

Sorry for the lack of update, I took some photos of the tv playing up and emailed them to ebuyer when i applied for the return. The accepted the return and also arranged a collection however they said i will only get one chance of free collection if i miss it i will have to pay return cost myself. Anyway they arranged for city link to pick it up and they updated the website to recieved item a few days later.

Then i heard nothing for around two weeks, so i phoned them up and they said it would be dealt with by friday, so friday came and went. On monday i waited for an email to confirm i was getting refunded but it never arrived. So i phoned them up once agen and after waiting on the phone for 34 minute before talking to someone they said that they would push it to the top of the pile of returns and "look" for the tv to test right away. They said if they couldnt find it then they had the receipt of postage from me and would simply refund me the money, within an hour i had been refunded the money.

Now i read a few things into this, during the time that they had recieved it from me and me getting in touch with them they misteriously found "1" more of them in stock which went straight on their website. Now a few days later when i get in contact with them they have to "find" a 30" Tv (not a packet of peanuts now is it!!) My guess is that they have simply sent my tv back out to a poor customer trying to fob it off as new and working. This is just what i thought about it, i may be wrong but it seems strange that they would get a delivery of a single tv from Haier who havent supplied ebuyer with anymore since they went out of stock!.

Anyway the end of the story is that i did get a refund for the tv but not the postage i originally paid for it, so it cost me £15 + hassle to continue watching television on my 14" portable. lol .

I have since ordered the new Video7 LTV32H from amazon (before the price increase) which i am eagerly anticipating the delivery of.

Hope this helps guys.

Thanks for the quick response Mark. I think I'm going to have to go through the pain as well, there is clearly something wrong with the batch as at least 3 other people on who wrote reviews on ebuyer said that they had problems with it as well. Funny your comment about them putting one back in stock - I noticed that the other week - as with you the cynic in me says they probably just put it back up for sale, although the one I saw was at least advertised as used at £499. They have totally removed the link to it now so you can't even review the comments people made about the screen. Shame really - when it worked I thought the picture was great - but for the price it was always going to be a gamble. If I get a result I might check out that Video 7 model you mentioned.


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I bought a two power supplies from ebuyer for my pc and my mates pc. It fried my cd-writer, floppy and and motherboard. My mate's cd-write, ram and cpu.

Total damage £400.

I tested them seperately.

Couldn't get a refund and compensation. They just didn't want to know.

Also stay clear of My dad's motherboard with build in graphics didn't work.
Couldn't output to monitor - worked with a seperate graphics card.

I tested it, so did my brother. Returned it and they said there was nothing wrong with it. My dad had to pay postage money to have it returned even though it didn't work.

What can I say ****s


ebuyer are rubbish
brought a hdd of them that stated a 3 year warranty on the webpage

18 months down the line it goes wrong.
and ebuyer charge me for returning it back to me saying warranty expired.
said it doesnt have a 3 year warranty only 1 year..
i had proof of this by print screening there webpages
and passed it to there local trading standards..

i will never buy anything from them again.

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