My girlfriend is away for 2 consecutive weekends. Time for some gaming!


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As the title suggests I have a quality bit of time to spend on my xbox over the next couple of weekends and am after some people to play stuff with. Not exactly sure which days I will be in at the moment (definitely not 23rd as I'm going to support some mates in the marathon) but I will be about most of the weekend.

Games I was interested in playing:
Gears of War - want to complete Acts 2-5 on Insane.
GRAW2 - any co-op maps (not tried any yet)
Crackdown - anyone who wants to go for some achievements I haven't got yet
Splinter Cell DA - anything online as I've not even tried that yet
Guitar Hero 2 - should pick this up on Saturday but expect me to be rubbish
PES6 - again not played this much but wouldn't mind a few games

Anyway, if anyone else wants a few games then send me a FR


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I'd like to complete GoW on Insane as Dom + collect all the COG tags at the same time (some of them are a bugger to find!), sometime ;).


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Have you on my friends list already, play GoW & Crackdown so maybe see you online soon. Do you play GoW mutliplayer online BTW? We have some classic game most nights!


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Hi Tetlee. I'm usually up for some multiplayer gaming (time allowing) so if you ever see me online then invite me along for something

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