My garage conversion to living room/ footy/ movie room for beginners


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I converted my integral garage about 5 years ago with the initial idea of making another living room.

As time went by we didn't use the room that much as a living room so i decided to try to make it into a cinema/ room for watching football in away from the rest of the family.

My knowledge on the topic is fairly basic but enough to put together quite a nice setup in my humble opinion

I have the room set up so during the day I can watch the tv or at night if I'm not fussed on the full cinema screen setup. Then when I want the full set up it's easily achieved

I'm currently running b&w cm8 s2 as my fronts cm1 s2 as the rears, cm centre and 2 b&w mt30s high up for atmos. I have a bk xxls400 behind the l shaped sofa
My amp is a denon AVR-X3300W and I use a optoma 141X projector and a nvidia shield

By day the room which measures 18 feet by 11 looks like this







At night or when the blackout blinds are pulled it looks like this




Screen down


It's not perfect I know - but i think it's a good effort for someone not overly in the know in all things audio visual

Hope to add/ upgrade things in due course

Thanks for looking


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Great job like the red ceiling spots too.


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Looks really good. What are the wall panels you have? Did you buy them or make them?


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Nice set up! Similar to mine. How do the speakers sound with the amp?

Everything sounds good to me - having said that I have nothing to compare them with as my last amp was a Yamaha rx 2700 - which was decent in its day but is a few years old

Trying to get some proper home cinema seats but can't shift my sofa


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it was going so well until that picture .......when did you last win the league? ah yes 1990

couldn't resist it

nice job !!!!

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