my frontroom, diy speakers, rack and screen



My setup - a little different perhaps:

Front speakers are diy Fostex 167e drivers in a mass loaded transmission line, maple veneered 18mm MDF (no need for a centre speaker as they image so well Smile )

Rears are MS 903s - will probably be replaced at somepoint with some fostex based diy efforts - the tone is just not right compared with my fronts.

Screen is Diy (a theme here perhaps...) Ikea blackout blind streched over a pine frame with velvet edging (needs adjusting as its not straight)

Projector is a Panasonic Ptae500 driven by a DMRe50 DVD recorder.

Amp(s) - Yamaha RVX740 which I use as a preamp to my gainclone amp (the somewhat ghetto looking box on the second shelf up another DIY effort...) - yammy powers my rears.

Nad 521bee CD player and Rega Planar 2 as audio sources.

The racks (both) are TNT-Flexy style using 22mm mdf.


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