My Front speakers are to loud for my center!


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Aug 13, 2002
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hi there all, I currently have a problem with my home cinema setup and I was hoping that someone might have a suggestion on how to fix things...

I use a Yamaha 630 for home cinema and a A75+ for my stereo, as well as driving my front left and right speakers. The problem is, in order for my front 3 speakers to be balanced while watching movies I have to set my center speaker to +10 volume (which is max).

The Yam 630 doesn't allow me to set the front left and right volumes so at best the center is barely balanced with my left and right front speakers. Because I use Kef 2005 speakers I really need the center to be slightly higher in volume level than the left and right fronts.

Has anyone got any suggestions on how to fix this problem? I'm open to all solutions, including ones that cost money. ;)

thanks for your time.

Are you sure it won't let you adjust the front speaker levels? On my old Yamaha 795 you could lower the front left and right (as a pair) down by 10db if needed.
I have a yamaha530, and of course you can. There is an option to reduce the main fronts output in 10 dB. You go to the menu and in speaker setting there is that option (in the very end, I don't remember exactly but you can check in your manual).
In addition, let me ask you something... How did you do the setup? I mean, you say you have a stereo amp and the yamaha... You use both? Because in that case, you'd set the level of the main fronts in the stereo amp...
My Yam 630 doesn't have the ability to adjust the front left and right speakers by volume. I can adjust the front center and the 3 rear chanels only - this is a very annoying feature!

My A75+ has fixed gain. When I select AV on the A75+ it allows me to control the volume of the front speakers through the Yam 630. This is great; however, I now have the issue of powerful sounding left and rights with a weaker sounding center....

The fixed gain ability is great and I want to use it - it is the Yam 630 that is letting me down by not being able to lower the volume of the left and right front speakers to compensate for the increased powered of the A75+.


Hi Cam,

your 630 should be able to. Manual, page 43, section 1F.(Main lv or Main Level Mode) Can be reduced by 10db. I'd been surprised if it didn't do that as it is a standard feature on all Yamaha AV receivers

hey thanks for the answer...I'm a happy man once again :)


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