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My folks like the Wii more than I do


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Got my Wii on Friday. Think its cool but still not enough to make me lose any love for my beloved new 360 which is still getting most of my attention. My Parents came over today (both in thier 50's). They NEVER play video games these days. The last time they were into games was back on the Atari 2600. 2hrs 33 mins (according to todays wii time log) of playing on wii sports, they went back home (they never stop this long!) They love the wii!! My Mum actually uttered the words "we will have to get one of these". They liked tennis the most and I think they loved the fact you can get some exercise from it (especially the boxing)

The wii deffo attracts the non gaming kind :)


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Nintendo make a profit on every Wii they sell unlike some other manufacturers so it is a success already, but future income through software sales will come from gamers.

A lot has been made of how the Wii appeals to none gamers, and although I would imagine a fair number of these might buy the console, I can't see them purchasing many games for it in the long term.


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Sounds exactly like my parents yesterday when they came around to try mine, my Mum is a gamer but my Dad doesn't usually play consoles. It was my Dad who first said that he wanted to buy one!! :eek: I even went with him to Toys R Us this morning to see if we could get one. No luck sadly, he's been calling around shops today :rotfl: Never thought my Dad would get so excited over a console! They're both nearly 60.


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Don't write us oldies off too quickly!! My wife and I are around 50 each, she's currently playing on our XB360 (Jewel Quest), can't get her off it. We've had Segas, 3DO, Xbox, XB360, PS, etc..... For us the drive to faster, more realistic graphics of XB360 and PS3 are pointless, we just want fun games that can quickly be picked up and don't require a massive investment of time to make progress.

We both can't wait to get our Wii, and as long as Nintendo continue to release games aimed at our market, we will buy plenty of games. For us multi-player games that exercise the brain and the body will sell well. Games that rely more on manual dexterity (pressing buttons really quickly) won't sell. So, more sports type games, big brain academy, puzzles, etc. please.

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