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my first sub -

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hello all,

i've been avidly reading all the previous posts and its abudantly clear that the best budget sub is either the ms309 or the xls2000.

my question.. is it worth the extra 60 quid or so for the xls2000 ?

btw, i'm intending to use for music primarily. also, where does the velodine cht fit in the eqaution.. is it on a par with the aforementioned? i havnt seen much about this sub.

ta muchly,



I was torn between the 2. I ended up going for the XLS200 about a month ago, and I think it is an absolutely superb piece of kit for the price. I'm glad with my choice. Having said that, I havent tried the 309 but I reckon this would also be an excellent buy. One factor that swayed me to the BK is it's compact size.

The Velodyne CHT-10R I would have loved, but it's just too damn big... and more expensive. If you can fit this comfortably into your room and can afford it ok, I think the Velodyne will punch some serious bass!

P.S. welcome to the forums :smashin:


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The BK XLS200 is marginally better than the MS309 when it comes to sound performance and also has the benefit of being quite a bit smaller. That's not a slight against the 309 as it's extremely capable in it's own right.

By all accounts the Velodyne CHT10 is definitely in the same league as the other 2 you mention and is easily the one to choose given the bargain price in the forum power buys.

I think the important thing to remember is that all of these models represent stunning value for money in the price class and can take on some from higher categories, you won't be disappointed with any of them if your budget is genuinely restricted. :)


Thanks for your advice guys.
This is sooo hard!

I've narrowed it down on the basis of price between the Velodyne (£210)
and the MS309 (£215) The 309 is certainly better looking...

i think i might do 'ip dip' :)
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