My first SSD


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Seeing how the prices had been dropping I saw the Crucial MX500 selling for $58 so I went for it.

Pretty neat seeing how fast it is but I'm on a hybrid operation as I have a HDD as D: drive. Lots of my stuff is on this. Mostly archives though but quite a few programs I run often.

I guess I could get another SSD like the one I have and make it a D: drive.


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I use an SSD (Toshiba Q300 Pro) for my multi boot PC operating system plus other programs and use traditional HDD for data storage without any problems. It's been that way for more than two years now

Boot time is amazing and that was the first thing I noticed. Installing Windows for the first time was something foreign as I expected it to take eon's as it usually does with a traditional HDD and yet within a few minutes once the file had copied over from the boot disc, Windows 10 was operating. It took longer to go through all the rubbish questions as it did to install.

Since then, as I have partitioned my SSD and created a multi-boot PC, It now takes as long for the (choose which boot operating system you wish to choose) boot screen as to get into my desired boot option, they're just mad


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My last PC had an 250Gb SSD for the OS (this is also referred to as a Boot Drive) and a few important applications, and then a 1Tb HDD for everything else. Mostly stuff like music/videos where the benefits of an SSD are marginal.

My new PC just has two SSDs and no HDD's. I've got a 500Gb NVMe M.2 drive for the operating system and all applications (these are crazy fast, like 3000mbs), then a 1Tb SATA SSD for storage (these are still about 10 times faster than a HDD at around 500mbs). To be honest though, I even debated whether I would actually need the 1Tb storage drive... because these days with streaming services acting like video libraries, spotify/apple music doing the same for music I'm not sure theres a big reason to have huge media libraries on your PC. For the time being I've kept the music I have, but I've gotten rid of almost all the videos, as there's just no reason to keep them and to be honest the resolution/sampling rates for a lot of them would be considered very poor by modern standards.

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