My First SLR, Advice please...

Andy H

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Hi guys

I'm currently using a Casio digital camera and tbh I'm underwhelmed by a lot of the pics.

I'm seriously thinking about moving up to an SLR.

I'm thinking the Canon EOS 350D with the Canon EF 75-300mm f/4.0-5.6 III DC Lens.

My budget is around £500 in total.

Do you think I'm looking at the right stuff for my first SLR or would you swing me in another direction, or push me towards the 400D for a major difference?

Cheers in advance!


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With your budget, If you could get a 400D , it is a better camera. not an Upgrade for a 350D owner but for someone just buying it is a good starter
The kit lens is usable but you'll probably change it later:)
The lens you have quoted is not really usable as a walkabout 75mm is really too long on a full frame let alone a Crop sensor

I dont want to start yet another budget "Which DSLR" thread but Ill urge you to do a search here around Canon 350/400D Nikons D40 D40x, or Sonys A100 for the pros and Cons of each model.
Poor quality output is not one of them as they all ( including the 350D) give great results in the right hands
Ill save you a search with a few threads to keep you busy

The 350D is a bit older now but still a very fine camera but aim to spend no more than £300 on it and spend the rest on a decent lens or 2


1st of all you've picked the right brand :D

I'd be tempted to go for the 400D £390 from wilkinsons or with the kit lens you can pick it up for around £440 leaving the rest to spend on memory card, bag etc. 75-300 would be too long for a general walkabout lens and it's not a very good lens, it was replaced by the 70-300IS which is very good but £345ish. If you do want a telephoto lens I'd get the 400D + kit lens if on a budget then the Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 APO DG Macro Lens which is £110 from one stop digital.

Andy H

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cheers for the advice guys, thinking more about the 400D now.
It seems worth going for over 350D as a new buyer.
I'll get out and have a look at it in the flesh and shop around for price.

best prices? or best price comparison search engine?

by the kit lens I'm assuming the standard 18-55mm lens?

I could always go for that and when I've found my feet with the camera and kit lens, then start looking at longer lenses, also give me the chance to save.

cheers again


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1st of all you've picked the right brand :D

:nono: behave yourself ;)

Andy - go and have a play with a few in the shops. Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax are all worth a look. I'd suggest you keep and open mind, as there about half a dozen models really worth your consideration (see previous threads)

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