My first real attempt at a HC


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Just finished my first real attempt at a home cinema setup.
The screen is 120inches at 16:9 format

The projector is a acer s1200 short throw with HDMI firmware upgrade giving 1920x1080 progressive at 60Hz

The distance from the projector to screen is only 7ft the mark on the wall doesn't appear on the wall?.

The remote used is a URC inc MX 3000
using this I can control everything even the lights.

Simple to use screens.

I bought 2 cabinets and modified them to fit the full lenght of the wall.

Picture quality is great

Sound is cracking from a DTS Samsung setup, but due to get replaced by ether a Kef or Linn setup.

Still got to do some painting of the walls and replace the lights with dark holders etc.

But very happy with it so far, but the wife blames this site for it. :laugh:


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awsome matey I will be getting my pj and screen this week so will be looking forwards to playing around on the weekend oh and a new stand too :devil:

u got any plans for some upgrades? u no ya wants toooooo



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looks very nice mate, like the disney blu-ray intro pic's :)


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Very nice. Not seen that remote before. Any good?

The remote is also sold as Crestron MT1000c

You can read the reviews about it here
Remote Shoppe Reviews the Universal Remote Control Complete Control MX-3000
RC User Reviews: Complete Control MX-3000 Remote Control (1)
Home Theater Master MX-3000, review : Home Theater Blog | Home Theater News & Reviews

The price has come down a bit from the £900-£1100 price range and you can pick them up on ebay or even here for £300-£500.

Much easier to program than any pronto I have owned including the ipronto's.

It really is the best remote I have ever used.
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