my first plasma tv


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i just bought my first hd ready plama panasonic 37" tv ive no complaints but the picture seemed better on my old toshiba crt is this normal or are my picture settings wrong im wathing through sky


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It's probably normal, but you don't say what size your CRT was.
The bigger the screen, the easier it is to see problems.

Assuming you're watching SD Sky, that's usually another downside with HD tellies, but obviously HD is a better bet.

As for settings, try a search on here for the relevant telly. There's bound to be some suggestions.


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my crt was 28" im not complaining but just thought it was a little bit grainy can i assume this is normal then


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28" to 37" is a fair jump, so it probably is normal mate.
It depends somewhat on your viewing distance too.
I'd want to be at least 6ft from the screen whilst viewing.
Perhaps you're judging it at a couple of feet? I tend to do the same when I'm in a shop, until I realise I won't be that close :suicide:

It's possible it could be a dodgy cable or settings though.
I'd pull brightness and contrast down to about halfway while you research settings that others have used to good effect ;)
It's hard to say, without actually seeing it.


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If it looks a little bit grainy, try reducing sharpness to near minimum.

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