my first instal (i need help!!)

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Building DIY' started by SunTzu, Jan 21, 2005.

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    i just recently moved house and am about to install all my kit for the first time (i was living in rented acomadation before and just had everything sat on boxes and cables taped to the floor)

    i have:

    nec vt45 projector
    5 foot 4:3 projector screen
    28" 4:3 phillips tv
    kef kht 2005 surround sound system
    cambridge audio universal remote
    marantz sr5200 surround amp
    xbox(currently used as dvd player and streaming media device)
    telewest cable

    due to the move and a 6 month pregnant girlfriend i am on a very limited budget and my other major restriction is that the only wall i can project onto has a window in the middle (see attached pic)

    at the back of my living room is an under stair storage where i am now sitting typing this. i plan to turn this space into a pc desk/audio visual rack area using a remote control reciever sender keeping my living room free of clutter and running speaker cable and video lead up over the cieling and droping down at appropriate places.

    now heres my problem as this is the first time i have ever hardwired anything like this before i don't want to set it all up and find out i have to start messing about awkdly to change sources plug other stuff in etc etc and where the screen will have to go i'll have to move the telly everytime i wanna watch movies or have the screen to high... i've been doing my head in trying to get some kind of ideas so please help.

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    Well you need a ceiling mounted drop down screen to start with.....
  3. Oakleyspatz

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    Oct 9, 2004
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    Get a book shelf or a wall mounted shelf deep enough to hold your projector and your DVD player/Xbox. The projector will need to be about 4 foot off the ground, or if it has a ceiling mode ( turns image upside down) it will need to be about 7 foot off the ground. You can then use a short cable for your image from Xbox to projector and if your amp needs to be at the front, run a longer co-axial cable to it from the Xbox or phono cables (whichever you use). Keeping the cable short for the picture will improve it ( If you're using just a single phono cable from the Xbox to your projector then you are missing out on what your projector is capable of so buy yourself a DVD player with at least an Svideo connection or component is better still if your projector takes it.

    If a bookshelf or wall shelf is too intrusive, you could always use a TV wall bracket as available in Argos for around £20 to support the projector. Attach the screen close to the ceiling at the front (assuming your screen is a pull-down model). This will be ideal for viewing as you want to be looking up slightly at the screen as you do in the cinema. Get the projector set up first, project and image onto the wall and then position the screen to meet the image, you can obviously fine tune it until your happy with the image position and then secure the screen to the ceiling.
    run the cables to all the speakers and when you have the speakers in position and cables running to all of them ( making sure you have left enough slack to put the cables into corners etc. then you can secure them with those little cable pins you can buy cheap from most hardware stores
    Your ceiling does appear to be quite high so you may need to wall mount the screen if you think that close to the ceiling is too high

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