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Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by dapex, Feb 23, 2005.

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    Hi all, up until about a week ago I had never given any thought to a HCPC and now I think it may be the answer to everything and here i will list my reasons and thoughts in the hope you can all tell me if I am expecting way to much or not.

    I have an old projector which i still love dearly but currently only use composite to feed it and so i am loosing out on quality, and I would love to buy a new PJ but unless I can feed it with a good quality feed it seems a bit pointless, the wife would love a plasma but again there is all the hassle of getitng everything connected etc. I have a standalone dvd recorder but its an old phillips (55 or something) and its terrible to use and for some reason if i record anyhting from TV onto a +rw I have no end of problems trying to get that onto my PC to burn to a normal dvd. The quality of the dvd recorder as a player is nothing to shout about.

    I currently have my Sky+, xbox, and dvd recorder asll setup so that they can all be shown on the TV or PJ without any messing which is good but it has meant using scart convertors and alsorts of junk that ends up with the composite to the PJ and a couple of scarts to the TV. So Where does the HCPC fit in??

    Well, with a HCPC I would hope to be able to bin the dvd recorder, I would feed sky+ via scart into the TV I have at present and via S video into the HCPC, these would mean I can watch TV and use SKY+ without the HCPC if needed (Wife and daughter friendly) and if I wanted to burn to DVD from my SKY+ then I just use the SKY+ into the HCPC and record that way (no hassles with my old dvd recorder then). The HCPC would become the main dvd player in the front room so I would hope for a bit better quality.
    The HCPC would feed VIA VGA into my cureent PJ and VIA dmi when i buy a new PJ, and if I get a plasma then either VGA or DMI into the plasma. I can only think that I would need to use Svideo form the graphics card into the current TV.

    So, does that sound OK so far? I would want an optical out for my dolby digital into my current amp but also normal sound out into the TV for the times when the amp is not practical.

    So, everyday use would be normal SKY+ into the TV, dvd would be via HCPC probably running MCE2005 so its simple for the wife to use but I would want to be able to use TT and FDshow for when i am playing (mainly PJ use). that I think only then leaves the XBOX, i would need to connect the xbox into the HCPC and if that was posisble using the HI-def pack then even better (its then a hi-def dvd player as wel), but so far I have only seen the sweetspot with component inputs and I dont play it that often to warrant the price of the card....

    So I think i need, into the HCPC, s video for Sky+, s-video for Xbox (xbox really doesn't get used much at all) VGA out for PJ, S video out into cureent TV (I am right in thinking that s-video has no sound) if thats the case then obviously sound from the sky box into the HCPC and sound out to my TV as well as optical out to amp.

    Will this allow me to then play Sky+ into HCPC so i can edit the programs before burning to dvd (remove adverts etc) use the HCPC as a very good dvd player and output to my TV and PJ? I have no real plans to use the HCPC as a PVR because sky+ does it better (being able to record one sky station and watch another) but I will build the function just in case. Is ther anything i need to plan for the best DVD player output? I rememeber seeing some ectra board or something that took the digital feed directly from the player and then processed it then output as DVI so their is no digital to analogue conversion.

    I am thinking off an AMD 3200 CPU, 1 gig ram, Hauppage PVR150MCE, Pioneer dvd writer (whatever the latest one is) and something like a radeon 9600 graphics card and a 200gig HD. Not really looked at mobo yet.

    I'm sorry for the long post but I am getitng so excited that the thought of all my wiring problems may be over (I was looking into buying DVD player with component outputs+ new dvd writer) etc etc and pressumed I needed a decent amp to swithc the video etc etc.

    And finally a HUGE thanks to ZAndy1 who I have been pestering with PM's and questions and it was Andy's threads that got me really thinking about all this (and you may notice the spec I have suggested is the same as his) well, why re-invent the wheel......

    Cheers all
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    Glad to help, sorry I haven't got round to answering your last PM.. I will don't worry... well I might as well reply to this thread I suppose! Let me have a think, there's a lot to digest there!


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