My first house **Project**

Hi all

Myself and my fiance have exchanged on our first house and are completing on the 16th of Jan.

The house is tidy but needs modernising as a elderly couple currently own it. We plan to do room by room and thought I would use this thread to track the progress etc

We are planning to do it room by room starting with:

The living room

It is around 5.5m by 3.3m

At the moment I think this is how I want the layout of the room but im unsure if this is the way to go..

I think the sofa will have to go in the corner as it will fit in nice and it has some damage to the back of it so needs to be againt the wall.. Im not sure if the Tv there is the best option but im not sure where else it will fit nice.. My current setup is:

32in Samsung 1080p LCD
Samsung HW-C560S 5.1 Surround sound
White Xbox (upgrading to black when this one dies)
Sky HD box

The above should all fit in the corner with the front 2 and centre speakers in front and either side of the TV and the rear speakers on each corner of the sofa.

I really like some of the setups on here and I like the idea of using leds to backlight the TV but im not sure how it would work being the angle it will be on and not in the corner...

Any suggestions?

As for colour scheme we want cream and brown in the living room

Ill try and keep this thread as up to date as possible :)
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Thanks :)

I guess the first thing im looking for is some tips to how to make the TV setup look good in the position it will be in on the above diagram?
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