My First Home Cinema.. please help!


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I haven't heard the presonus monitors but having read a few reviews and my own experience with using studio monitors in a HT setup I'd be confident that they'll comfortably outperform traditional bookshelves in the same price bracket. Only negative I can think of in your situation is your surrounds would wouldn't match (or you'd have to forgo the clean in-wall look).

In order to use the same monitors all around I placed my surrounds in the rear corners and covered with a fabric frame so as they're hidden from view, the angles aren't ideal but it was a compromise I had to make and sounds great tbh.

For wall mounting the projector, a popular option is a set of microwave brackets with a couple of boards set across them


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@Gasp3621 forgive my ignorance but are we saying the PreSonuses speakers ( I've had a look and not sure which model you are referring to) are a better option because of the sound or because they're cheaper or both? I'm keen to get the LCR speakers pretty soon so this would be much appreciated so I can start planning.

@ShanePJ - Is the Epson EH-TW9400 the best on the market up to that price range, I've read some of the reviews and only really negative was how loud it was. Although its not the primary use what would this projector be like for big sporting events like boxing and maybe some big football games? I've also been reading more into the aspect ratio and I'm less adamant on the 2.35:1 so would this change the choice of projector. Do you have any tips for placing the projector on the wall and the distance away from the wall you are projecting to?

Thanks @jamieu although I'm not sure what any of the metrics mean? I think for now and being a simpleton ill just have to front blasting subs...

It was just one option. This shop has them in stock, Amazon had only one. Audioholics has reviewed and measured that e8 model which is the same Liam uses.

JBL 306P/308P should be good option too, sold individually.
Amazon product

But you would then have to mix another brand passive speakers if you want the surround speakers inside walls.

One option could be three Dali Opticon Vokals behind screen, now on sale. Opticon is not budget range - i bet these sound very lovely! You would have to pick some cheap surround in-walls then to keep within budget, Fisuals come at 160£/pair and can be used in-wall too.

There is not many speakers sold individually. Three "center channels/LCR speakers" vertically upright all three would work example Arendal 1961 Monitor and Centre (=identical just the logo is turned), but these would cost ~1300£ for front three and then some cheaper in-wall surrounds. The feedback has been great for these and the company is well known from the higher ranges.

I`m having hard time to get speakers (5.0 = 3 identical bookshelf and 1pair of in-walls) for around 1k£ as you need to have 1k£ for receiver and roughly 1k£ for dual subwoofers with that 3k£ budget. Of course you can start with one sub (500£), then you have bit more to use.

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