My first home cinema / bed room set up

John 1987

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I’ve sort of done this already in the rear-projector forum, but as that is a slight niche forum I thought I would show of my home cinema to the rest of the community and see what you think.

The Story

First off I have been working towards this for sometime now, as I am only 18, I have been saving for what seems like years. I have been slowly building my 'home cinema' for nearly 2 years now, getting expert advice from the forums and magazines alike.
The heart of my home cinema must be the glorious Samsung SP46l6, perhaps the most beautiful thing I have laid my eyes on, but off course I’m completely biased. You may, or may not know, but it’s a 46inch HD ready DLP rear projector. Connected to the screen we have the Samsung DVD player via HDMI up scaling to 1080i, a sky multi room box via Scart, the PC via VGA at the moment until I can figure out the DVI to HDMI connection and a Game Cube which I’m going to buy component leads for some time as I am not happy with the picture through the composite/Scart adaptor.
Next up we have the equally vital sound department. The brain of the system has to be the simply awesome Denon AVR-1905, for the price I paid for it the build quality and overall performance is amazing, it not only looks but also performs the part. For the speakers I went for the amazing Wharfedale 5.1 HCP and beefed it up to a 7.1 set up with two matching floor-standing fronts. I had some amazing luck with the speakers, as not only did I get them all on special offer saving £270, I got them all in matching beech and from the same chain of shops.
Finally we have the finishing touches, the superb looking entertainment unit from Argos, all of my random collectables including Simpsons, Star wars, Marvel, The Muppets, model cars etc, the couch from Ikea, my insatiable thirst for DVDs and the fact that I am a perfectionist, I really think I have some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder as if something is out of place or I’m not happy with it I have to fix it there and then.

Kit List
TV – Samsung SP46l6 (£1,200 from miller brothers online)
DVD player – Samsung HD850 (£90 from comet)
Receiver – Denon AVR-1905 (£250 from superfi)
Speakers – Wharfedale diamond 9 7.1 surround sound set up
Fronts: Diamond 9.4 floorstanders (£200 from seven oaks)
Centre: Diamond cc (£330 for the Wharfedale 5.1 HCP)
Middle and rears: Diamond 9.0
Subwoofer: Diamond SW150
PC – P4 3Gz, 1024 of ram, 160GB HD, 256mb ati radion x700 (£700 from PC specilsts)
Cabling – Qed Scarts (AV41 RGB), Qunex HDMI, DVI to HDMI lead and all of the speaker cabling (£300)
Montana Entertainment Unit from Argos, along with the DVD storage (£70)
Leather couch from ikea (£300)










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John 1987

Well-known Member
Yes, more than happy. I don't think you could get a better picture on a screen this size for the sort of price you can pick this TV up for.

John 1987

Well-known Member
By 'normal' I watch sky digital with a strong signal strength and a good quality Scart connecting it to the TV. It is sometimes breathtaking e.g. shark tale the other day on sky movies, but always superb apart from the odd few low bit rate channels. Not disappointed in the slightest. I can’t comment on aerial pictures as I never watch this way.


Active Member
Nice setup:thumbsup:

Very impressed with the screen quality.

John 1987

Well-known Member
Thanks. I always find its near impossible to capture the exact image you are looking at on camera, but I tried my best to pick the best looking examples.

Edit: by 'comics' I guess you mean my marvel legends wall. In the centre is my Marvel legends 'heroes & villains' lithograph. It's a limited edition of 999 and I got it years ago off QVC. Around the lithograph I have my marvel legend figures, each figure comes in a big ‘clam shell' package with a comic featuring that character e.g. my Captain America figure comes with a reproduction of ‘The Origins of Captain America'. They come in waves of 6 and there on about wave 14 I think, here is a link to a place that sales the newer waves, for the older ones you sould have a look around on ebay.


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what a great setup
wish I'd had a bedroom that size when I lived with my parents
mine was a measly 8' by 8'

John 1987

Well-known Member
How do you like the diamond 9.4 fronts? I've read some reviews and people don't really seem happy about them.
I like them, obviously I have nothing to compare them to, but they match my other speakers, were great value for money esp. as I got £100 off the price and I think they sound great. For a bit more money, or a pair of stand mounts you could probably get better performance, but these perform well and I’m happy with them.


Great looking setup mate picture quality looks amazing. :thumbsup:

My friend is after the same samsung, i'll get him to look at you thread. ;)

John 1987

Well-known Member
What are you trying to say ashmufc
Probably the fact that my TV is a 46inch DLP rear projector, not a plasma.

Edit: I see you edited your post. Was your friend after a rear projector or a plasma? I still don't think my screen would match yours, lol.


Distinguished Member
Awsome setup for some one your age.....(how do you pay for it) I was 19 and at uni before i bought my first TV (21" SONY CRT combi.....) Which is still going strong BTW....Just be prepared that your partner in later life may not be quite as enthusiastic or willing to part with so mch cash.......get the spending done now

John 1987

Well-known Member
Thank you all for your nice words.
.....(how do you pay for it)
I have no notable out goings, earn around £250 - £300 a month through a part time job and saving up pocket money, as I don't go out every weekend, and then occasions like Birthdays, Easter and Christmas. I'm seriously tight, hate spending money (unless on home cinema related products) and I also got some inheritance from my granddad, god bless him. Plus I have been saving / building it slowly for over 2 years.
Just be prepared that your partner in later life may not be quite as enthusiastic
I'd like to say it's part of the package, but you know what they say, women change you.;)


Active Member
I've commented on your setup before in the rear-pro section john, but it still amazes me what people can achieve with a little saving, and your setup is the proof of it. I'm afraid to say alcohol has got the most control over my wallet tho! :-s


Active Member
Absolutely stunning set up!! :thumbsup:
Puts my little effort to shame (hence the reason I've yet to post any pics/description of mine). Kudos to you, mate. :smashin:


John 1987 said:
Probably the fact that my TV is a 46inch DLP rear projector, not a plasma.

Edit: I see you edited your post. Was your friend after a rear projector or a plasma? I still don't think my screen would match yours, lol.

wooooooo excuse me all to hell

John 1987

Well-known Member
wooooooo excuse me all to hell
No offence intended, I apologise if it came across like that.:oops:


Distinguished Member
very nice setup, picture looks very good for a RP TV :cool:


Active Member
Hey there really great setup & room you have & i really think the Marvel lithograph is FANTASTIC can you let me know where you bought that from if you don't mind :D

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