My First Dedicated Atmos Room


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I'm really excited about building my first dedicated home theater. I enjoy watching TV sports, musicals and dramas, movies and listing to music. I'm not a gamer. Actually a better description might be a screening room as I have no interest in movie posters, popcorn machines or any décor that will distract from the viewing and listening experience. I spent many years in the professional AV arena so I've got a lot of knowledge and experience and I'll be doing all of the design/build myself.

The room is 19.5' W x 17' D x 10' H. No windows and one door at the back of each side wall. The screen wall will have wings as shown on the drawing. Screen will be a Seymour 120" diag. 16:9 AT with manual masking for scope. Viewing distance will be a single row at about 10'. Projector is still undecided but I'm leaning towards an LG HU810PW

Audio will be 7.4.6 with wiring available for front wide speakers as well. All speakers will be in wall to minimize SBIR. I'm a very pragmatic engineer and I like to choose products that have great performance but also great value. I was very impressed with the specs and reviews of the Monolith Ultra THX in-walls. Particularly the listening window frequency response. Center will be behind the screen and L&R will be on the wings for 60 degrees separation and aimed at the money seats. I purchased 7 from the Monoprice Ebay store for $287 ea. An astounding value! Atmos will be ELAC in ceiling with the 30 degree tilted drivers. Subs will be arrayed as front and rear center and side wall center and managed with a miniDSP. Front sub will be mounted on the floor flush with the screen wall. Since I have a maximum depth of 18" to work with I'm limited on sub selection. I've built many custom boxes but I have a ton of other construction to do I'd rather not build. I'm pretty sure I'm going to use Hsu UL 15's. Two in the front center as it is 2x further to the listening position and one each for back and side positions. I'm not a bass addict but I want clean powerful and evenly distributed bass in the listing position.
Processor and power amps are undecided but I think I'm going to go with the new Marantz 13 channel receiver.

I'm just starting to rip out the existing drywall. I'm installing a power subpanel and will be running 20 amp circuits for each sub and to the equipment rack located in an adjacent garage. I'm installing ASC IsoDamp multi layer walls. Not so much for sound isolation as for damping of wall ringing and softening bass resonances.

With great speakers I'm a believer in less is more for acoustical treatment. I know I'll need some absorption in the room to control RT60 and I'll start with behind the AT screen and rear wall. Then I'll experiment with first reflection points on the side walls and ceiling. I'm not a big fan of diffusers in home theater but I may experiment with it.
Really excited to finally getting started on this project!

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