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My first cinema living room project.

ninja tattoo

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Hi guys, tbh Im quite nervous creating this thread but Im about to embark on adventure and Im quite willing to show you my progress along the way. Its not going to be a quick project but Im hoping to have it all done by Xmas.:confused:

First a little about me, Ive been into Home Cinema for 10yrs or so as you can tell my my equipment:rotfl: but Im about to replace my whole setup with new AV equipment and also to re-decorate the main living room from scratch.
This will inc re-skimming all the walls and fitting my wood floor whilst installing the new equipment.

The room is approx 5mts square and as you can tell its an old house which I was lucky enough to own outright as it was left to me by my grandparents. So as you may notice the decor is very old and it all needs moderising.

The idea is to purchase a 55" 7020 and mount it over the fireplace and put all the AV equipment into the fire place inc the Sky HD box and the router which need cable extensions from the wall.

The first job I intend to do is box in the fireplace using plaster board whilst giving me the option of installing cables. The fire suround is going btw.

Any tips/advice would be most welcome as Im not in the league as some of the guys on here, Im quite handy with the old DIY but this is my first real setup.

Thanks for reading.

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ninja tattoo

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Ive just purchased some wall plates 2 for the fronts and 2 for the rears.


The rears are going just under the picture rail (which will be coming off)


ninja tattoo

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The rears Im getting are the Mission Cubes, as for the fronts I'm replacing the 773 with some M35i's and I intend to buy the Denon 1910 amp.
The sub I dont know yet as the M35i's might be enough or I might just stick with the Yamaha.


ninja tattoo

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Started with the fireplace yesterday.


Im using the idea of the floating shelves off Paul D , cheers mate.



Sorry for the poor quality of the pics, there taken off my phone.

I'll be getting the Sammy 7020 next week but for now Iv'e taken the measurements I want everytime I pop into my local comet.

Today I'll be hiring a wall chaser for the rear speaker wires and hopefully come up with a way to move the power supply into the chimey breast space.

Its been a stop start project but now Im hoping to get cracking with it as I want the plasterer in n sorted before Xmas.

ninja tattoo

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cheers mate.

I didnt realise just how much time little jobs can take,
its took me all day to get to this stage and thats without the wall chaser.


getting there............


as you can tell , its a huge fireplace.
The internal gap is 1200mm and over all its 1800mm wide.


ive put some old disco lights in just to get an impression of what lights can look like.

Im thinking of buying some new disco lights LED and ripping it apart, placing the sensor 'outside' the fireplace to pick up the sound from the missions but have the leds under the bottom shelve.

Im hoping to get the Denon 1910 and the 55" 7020 Monday.
The Mission 35i's will be on order.

thanks for being patient with me.

ninja tattoo

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Now for the building work,

basically I ripped apart the whole room to re-skim it and install the wood floor with new skirting and doors and also to hide all the wires/cables.


ninja tattoo

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Instead of trying to put the cables under the floor but in the underlay fibre boards we decided to pull up the floor boards and install all the cables under the joists.
This inc extending the Sky HD and Broadband cables and putting them under the floor also.

The mains sockets had to be extended from the skirting boards to 14" above the floor.
It meant an extra day re-wiring hte room but....needs must.

ninja tattoo

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ninja tattoo

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Rear Speaker brackets and wall plates.

ninja tattoo

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the flooring starting to go down and thank god all the dirt/mess bit of the build is over with.
I can't believe where the dust gets too, its even in the other rooms and upstairs.

still its worth it.





ninja tattoo

Active Member
sorry for the poor quality of the pics, they were taken off my fone.

this is pretty much the stage Im at now,

I wired up my old amp n speakers to test the cables and thank god they worked lol.

I cant wait to get the M35i's and the Denon in...........


ninja tattoo

Active Member

When it's finished you will not see 1 cable at all apart from some nice QED's from the wall plates to the speakers.
I also managed to install a full power supply into the fireplace so again NO wires anywhere in the room.


Distinguished Member
I like it mate, top effort; looks really good! :)

Love the avatar too ;)

ninja tattoo

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Cor blimey some ones been on a bit of a spending spree! Can't wait to see the end result mate.


Yeah I spent my whole week off work waiting in for deliveries and working on the house.
Every 2 mins a van pulled up outside the house.
Of course because I couldn't go out n drive I HAD to stay in and have a few beers n wear underwear all day.


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Be Patient. The decorateing needs to be good to compliment the center piece. If the whole finish is sound then you have no need to expalin that the set up is awsome but you are sorry about the lumpy paint finish or 'please ignore the paint on the cables, etc.
Im dead jealous.

Salad 1 (dodger)

ninja tattoo

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yeah the whole room is getting painted 'cookie dough' which at first I was going to do it in the brown suede paint but I didn't like it.
The colour I wanted was the colour of new plaster whilst wet so I took some plaster to B+Q and matched it lol.

Over the weekend the skirting will be 100% complete with new doors.
I need to make sure the plaster is 100% dry before I paint and I need to finish the AV shelves but Im hoping to be watching my first movie next weekend.:thumbsup:

just a PS on this, I couldn't have done ANY of this without AVForum. I owe you a big thank you.



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Just been looking at this thread. This room's going to be neat! Good luck and take you're time, it'll all be worth it. :)


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"Quite handy with the old DIY" :eek: lol, your not kidding mate, it's looking Fantastic, a huge two thumbs up from me :thumbsup:
I'm actually planning on doing something quite similar in my lounge, so your photo's are extremely useful. I can't wait to see the finished article :)

ninja tattoo

Active Member
Looking fantastic mate, cant wait to see it all finished :smashin: I do like that flooring ALOT aswell.

Cheers everyone, theres a bit of story behind the floor.

Its solid Oak wood floor, tongue and groove stuff about 3/4inch thick from B+Q.
£50 per pack and my room needed 17packs.

Ive had it for nearly 2 yrs and never put it down because I wanted it to go in this room but the walls skimming etc so yeah I could have thrown it down n wallpaperd the room but I wanted it like it is now.
And also I was scared to cut it :lol

It cost me £3.00. The wife won £700 at the bookies for a £1.50 e/w treble and all 3 horses won so the first thing we did was buy the floor with the intention of doing the room that year but one thing and another it never got done.

So it did help a tlot this time round not having to buy it but its very very nice stuff and hard as nails also, you can sand it down about 4 times so it should last me.


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Can I ask how the chasing of the walls went?, I`m moving in to a new property on 8th Jan and am looking to be chasing walls like a maniac :), specifically what wall chasing device/s did you hire? (brand etc if poss, and did it come with dust extraction thing), what conduit did you use and any other pertinent info :), you have made a fantastic job of that mate, looks like your DIY skills are very good imho.

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