My first 5.1 speakers


Lucky Scotsman

Hi all,

I am getting my first receiver on Saturday (Yamaha RXV430RDS) and would like some advice on speakers to use with it.

I have £200 to spend on speakers and so far from my own searching, I'm thinking about Eltax speakers.

Ideally, I want floor standing fronts.

The room for all of this is 12.5 x 12.5.

Any ideas?




I've got the Eltax Hollywood 5.0 set (Richer Sounds £150 about 3 months ago), connected to my Sony STR-VA555ES.

I already had the speakers when I bought the receiver (couple of weeks ago) and was going to buy a new set of speakers to complement this expensive amp.

But to be honest, the Eltaxs are good enough for me and produce enough bass to get away without a seperate sub. (IMHO).

OK, one day I'll upgrade my speakers, but at this time the sound quality is good enough for me and I can be picky ;)

The Hollywoods are nice to look at and easy to place in our fairly small room. Got the front floor standers in the front corners, the center under the TV and the two surrounds on the floor behind the sofa pointing straight up. Little fiddling with speakers set up on the amp and the sound is very good. Also, if you buy this set, you'll need to isolate the floor standers and surrounds with spikes (or similar) as they have no feet on the them unlike the center speaker.




I'm in the same boat as you Lucky Scotsman, thinking of get a set of Eltax speakers, (maybe the Hollywood).

But they have a huge range of speaker packages available mostly for under £150 ( most from QED), which suits my budget perfectly (£200).

So does anyone own or got opinions on any of the following Eltax speaker packages?:

Eltax Cinemax 5.1 (incl. sub) - £138
Eltax Hollywood - £150
Eltax Matrix - £114
Eltax Mirage - £131
Eltax Universe - £113
Eltax Silverstone - £127
Eltax Silverado - £113

iwatkins - Is it possible to switch off the passive subs in the base of the Hollywood floorstanders, if in the future i bought a separate sub?



Doesn't appear that you can switch them off, but the terminal block on the back of the speaker can be removed with four screws and the crossovers etc. are all attached to the inside of the block.

You could then easily cut the wires to the large woofer, but maybe make it so they can be reconnected easily in the future. There is enough slack on the internal cables to do this.


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