My Finland E-cig experience


Vaping kills 4.
Smoking kills 480,000.

Source: Centre for Disease Control
Fast Facts

It’s okay to admit you’re wrong, and please don’t use the DailyMail to prove you’re right.
Why so vociferous in your opposition to my opinion? Vapping has not been around long enough for us to know the long term health impacts. If everyone started smoking 10 years ago, very few will have died from lung cancer.

EDIT - looks like the beeb have picked up on the story too

What's behind a vaping illness outbreak in the US?
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Simian Sibling

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The way I see it and this is from a vaper and once a heavy smoker.
I could never have given up smoking......cost of lung CA from smoking £250+ a month
Cost of lung CA from vaping £25 a month
I get a load of disposable income, go on holiday at least twice a year and buy things I want.
Oh and you really should ready HEE & RCP papers they have written 👍🏻


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Fags= throwing yourself off a 200 ft cliff, vaping = throwing yourself off a 50 ft cliff, you may or may not get hurt, but why take the chance.

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