My final HCPC software configs

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    After nearly 50 hours of testing different players, drivers and OS,
    I have finally settled on:

    Windows XP
    Lates Official XP Radeon driver (post version later).
    1280x720 resolution 60hz (no judder in either PAL or NTSC)
    Cinemaster Filters Version 4 (Add on pack for XP = $14) cheap
    Zoom Player 2.30
    Region Blocker (Special windows internal Region code forcer)
    Sound Blaster Live 5.1 XP install drivers.
    Force Weave on in registry.
    Hardware (DXVA) enabled.

    With this combo the picture is better than all the other players, in any combo (haven't got TT).

    With zoom player you don't need YXY as it has inbuilt aspect storage, I also don't need DVD genie. The gamma overlay works and sticks, zoom also has 0 IRE setting.

    Only thing I'm missing is DTS, but I'm not that bothered. This is by far the most efficient set-up I have used (although admitadely there was tons of messing about with zoom to start with).

    I have had windvd, power dvd, ati-player all different versions and each one had some sort of issue. But I mainly wanted access to GAMMA which doesn't stick with the other players. The qaulity og the RAVISCENT filter is heaps better than the others.

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